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How to be Happy Today

When was the last time you felt happy? Okay, that’s quite forward. When was the last time you said you were having a sh@t day? I do it stacks. In fact, in any given month, I could count my happy days on my own left hand. I may be a little different to you, in that I have clinical depression. But, I’ll bet you that the little tools I use to take the edge of my bluest of days will help you too.

I can’t promise that I can make you happy today, but I’m gonna try.

Know Your Triggers

This one is simple in theory, but a little trickier to implement, and you will see why in mere minutes……My trigger is alcohol. Well, it can be. Sometimes it isn’t, but if I have ignored the signs that I am hitting a low patch, and don’t stop certain behaviours (aka drinking, too much alone time) then you can bet your favourite lipstick that I will get exponentially worse if I have a drink. We all know that alcohol is a depressant, and that old adage that Gin is ‘mothers ruin’ isn’t lost on me when I am sobbing uncontrollably at 9pm after one too many G&T’s and a particularly emotional episode of First Dates.

So, know them.

Be Kind to Yourself

My friend Penny used to say this to me all the time, and she should know — her mother is a therapist — but it is so true. We spend so many hours of our day saying the word ‘should’. Count it one day, you’ll be surprised at the rate at which you berate yourself. It’s a wonder we ever get through the day without breaking down from the sheer volume of anger we pour upon ourself!

Being kind to yourself is just a really fluffy way to say, stop being mean to yourself. Skip a few ‘I should’s’ throughout the day and maybe give yourself a break from My Fitness Pal.

Change the Scenery

When you’ve been sat a desk all day, staring at a computer screen, and inhaling tea like it’s a drought, perversely — it’s often the last thing on your mind to leave it. I know that it’s super annoying to be told by someone (who works from home) to just ‘go for a walk!’ but honestly, you can’t stay where you are if it is making you unhappy. Just plan in some time away from it. So, if you have to work through lunch and are chained t your desk from eight-seven, then make seven-bedtime EPIC. Go for a massage, meet your friends and do something fun. Go home and have a bath. Literally do whatever it is that makes you feel good.

For me, it’s not spending time with people who make me feel icky, and spending loads of time with those who envelop me with love. A bit of wine, a date night at Byron where i don’t think about the calories…..going for a run, and panting my way through 5k.

Go to Therapy

This may be a touch controversial as I know a lot of people feel uncomfortable about seeking help for any kind of mental illness. Personally, I have always been on board with therapy and studying Psychology & Counselling at Uni definitely helped that. But I understand that their still is a social taboo around therapy, counselling….whatever you want to call it (it’s sort of complicated but essentially don’t worry too much right now). My advice to you is simply this: if you have the most dire sh@@ts that you cannot leave the toilet, do you seek medical help? Yes, of course you do. So why, if you feel crappy for several days of every month of every year, would you choose not to seek help?

If you do decide to go to therapy, know a few things first: find and research your therapist, and check that they are BACP registered through this website. I may write a post about the different kinds of therapy…..let me know if you think that’s a good idea or not in the comments!

Small Acts of Kindness

When I feel crappy, I fight every bone in my body that is telling me to kick the small child on my left, and I am nice to someone. Honestly! I didn’t use to be this person, but my better half, Mt WanderLuce is naturally that person and you know what? It is the nicest feeling being in the company of someone who makes other people happy. It doesn’t matter if we are getting petrol, or battling through tourists in central London or dealing with terrible staff in a restaurant — he is always pleasant.  It always makes things better, and lifts everyone’s mood, so I try to do it too now. It works, I promise.

So, apologies for the MASSIVE overshare, but you know what you’re getting when you come to WanderLuce so……you shoulda known better 😉

How do you lift your mood when you feel blue?

L x

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