This is one of those topics I think most readers of this blog have to deal with, yet rarely talk about. I guess it’s not so sexy right? Similarly to my post on why you need a Mooncup for travel though, it’s pretty useful to know how someone else manages it on the road.

So let’s talk about hair removal shall we? A seriously snore topic to discuss, granted. Especially when you could be talking about where you want to go, what you want to do when you get there and what clothes you’ll be wearing while you do it.

But talk about it I must because, actually, it’s one of those things we all have to deal with (unless you are hairless, or go natural — in which case I am VERY jealous) and it is infinitely useful to know what other people do about it.

A few things you should know about me, and why I am qualified to help you navigate the world of holiday hair removal:

I go on holiday a lot.

I travelled for over two years long-term navigating hair removal abroad.

I travel light — often with carry on luggage only.

I am hairy. Like, super hairy. No, no…..half Arabic, thick hair-hairy. 

So hopefully now you trust me implicitly and will trust me when I tell you I’ve tried EVERYTHING. Honestly, everything. Shaving, waxing, laser, epilating, creams, balms….oh my!

After many, many years navigating the various ways us women are enabled shamed into removing every follicle of hair on our bodies until we resemble Barbie — I’m here to tell you I have a few tricks up my sleeve. And none of them involve any kind of weird home remedy involving coconut oil.

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The worst part of getting prepped for travel is the epic holiday hair removal conundrum!! I'll share my top tips......

Hair Removal Cream

This one is actually pretty surprising. Because anyone of a similar age to me, will remember the foul smelling pink paste.

But I tried this Veet in-shower hair removal cream jobby and I am sold. Using a strange little sponge, you apply the cream and leave it on for a few minutes before stepping into the shower where it stays on for another five mins or so. Then, you remove it with the other side of the sponge which is like a little exfoliator.

The results are awesome, and similar to a decent wax. It’s great for bikini-lines, legs, underarms and anywhere else that’s a larger area. You obviously can’t use it on your face.


Cheap, simple, decent results.


Not as long-lasting as waxing.


I’m gonna tell you right now, this shit works. It’s AWESOME. I had laser on my bikini line aaaages ago and it was money well spent. It helps I’m the ideal candidate for the treatment (light skin, dark hair) but even so, I rarely hear a bad story about laser or IPL treatments.

The ONLY problem is that after you do this, you can never wax again as that encourages your hair to grow back. And sometimes a patch, or even a few hairs can grow back randomly which you simply need to re-zap and all is well again. However, living on Koh Tao — I had no access to laser or IPL so, instead of resorting to shaving I had a wax. I KNOW.

So, eventually more grew back — albeit still not a fully grown scenario. So sorry for any negative imagery you now have.


Super effective, long lasting, not too painful. Good value in the long run.


Needs some maintenance, not everyone can have the treatment.


Now, this is one area I kind of hate. You see such massive variations in quality and it’s not always easy to find a therapist who is a good fit for you.

In my opinion, how much it hurts is almost totally down to the therapist. A good one will work deftly and calmly not indulging you as you cringe, and as such, you’ll find your adrenaline calmed thus less pain.

I always used to use Strip, who are amazing (but expensive). But if you are travelling long-term you kind of have to roll with the punches and take what you can get — which really doesn’t appeal to me at all.


Fairly long lasting, smooth finish.


Expensive, painful and therapist-dependant.


The most obvious, and probably widely used choice, shaving is super easy, not painless at all and you can pick up razors errr’where.

But if you have sensitive skin, or ridiculous fast-growing hair then shaving can be a proper labour of love.  Most of us probably shave our underarms (I can’t imagine lasering, or waxing in such a sensitive area!) but when it’s hot and muggy I can sometimes get a little sensitive and end up with a bit of a heat-rash.

I honestly can’t imagine ever waging war on a bikini line with a razor, but I know people do……and carrying around a can of shaving foam is just not practical.

So, for me – one of the cute little Venus travel size razors is perfect.


Easy, quick, cheap.


Doesn’t last, sketchy finish and can be irritating for skin.

So there you go. What are your hair removal thoughts ladies? 

L x

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