Happy New Year!

So it’s the first day of 2014, and 9 days until we leave England for 6 and a bit months. Thus far, it’s pretty much the same as last year (bar the horrendous hangover of Mrs C) which has been replaced with Oli’s ‘fever’. Needless to say, I’m glad I sat the Jaeger bombs out.

We went to our local, for a ridiculous combination of Masquerade ball (thank you Accessorize sale), buffet, dance competition and Comedy. We were primarily there for the comedy as we frequent it most Sundays; http://twiceasnicecomedy.com/. The buffet was, well, not a buffet as we were helpfully given a plate of beige by our waiter…..I like to pile my plate, so this was a bad start. However, the comedy started (as did the Jaeger) and the night whizzed by, ending in what I can only describe as a Garage orgy. Who knew Em was such a dub step fan?!
Not wanting to fritter my New Years Day and painfully aware that the clock is ticking, I set about organising something, anything really. Obviously not wanting to exert myself, I’ve plumped for sorting through medicines and planning what I want to take on the flight……this took me approx 20 minutes (long enough to leisurely watch Catfish; ‘shock, your exclusively online girlfriend is really quite unattractive!’) so now I am perusing the online world of the ideal packing list for a round the world trip……these are my faves so far:

Adventurous Kate – I love this blog, particularly as she posts the crappy bits as well as the good bits. She has a nice ‘Ask Kate’ section and has a post on what makeup to pack….given my makeup collection (thanks Donut & Woodjee) I’ll need all the help i can get.Ask Kate: What’s On Your Makeup Packing List? | Adventurous Kate.

Twotravelaholics – If you can ignore the often used Americanisms and peppyness, this blog is really useful and has a few interesting posts on packing (odd 6 items…..top 6 items etc)Packing For Long-term Travel: His/Her Top Six | twotravelaholics.

Anyway, I’m sure there are stacks more out there – but I am living by the rule of fold and roll (lifesaving), and what I forget to pack, I can buy.

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