A Crack Dream Team for Sensitive Skin

A Crack Dream Team for Sensitive Skin

I have a bit of a Tuesday treat for you all, in the form of my BFF (yes I still use that phrase) Jo, who has kindly agreed to write a post on her experiences of buying beauty products for very sensitive skin, with eczema. I speak to so many people who suffer from the same thing to varying degrees, but having no real knowledge of it myself (bar some hormonal acne style situations) I never feel hugely qualified to talk about it. Enter Jo, who will navigate you through all things skincare for delicate, sensitive types…..enjoy.

What a beauty!

What a beauty!


The beauty section in any store can be a daunting place at the best of times with its unforgiving lighting and Cheshire cat grinning staff ready to pounce the moment you make eye contact.  Throw in super sensitive/allergy prone skin to the mix and the Helmand Province seems a more appealing destination (ok maybe a slight exaggeration).

I have often been referred to as a ‘delicate flower’ due to my skins insane ability to flare up at the mere look of a new product.  As well as rashes in every shade of red imaginable I am not adverse to the old elephant eye, which allows me to rival Quasimodo in the beauty stakes.

This can be brought on simply by testing out a new mascara or moisturizer.  So, as you can imagine ‘Madame would you like to try our new…’ is not my favourite phrase.

I have had eczema since birth so you’d think by my thirties I’d have a firm grip on what sets off a flare up.  WRONG!  My path to self-discovery is limited to a known allergy to lanolin, which sadly is found in a lot of beauty products, particularly emollients, the supposed Patron Saint to eczema sufferers. You could be fooled into thinking that you need to pay through the nose for eczema friendly products to prevent the dreaded allergic reaction however this is as I have discovered not necessarily so.  Over the years I have come to learn there is little rhyme or reason to what I can use, however I have formed a lifetime bond with certain brands that shall not be broken!  Here are just a few of my all time faves:

Boots No.7

I am an avid user of their mascaras and blushers.  It’s not often that this range discontinue lines, opting for repackaging over replacing, however the fact it won’t break the bank to try something new is always a good thing especially when said trial could result in an unwelcome reaction.  Even better when the trusty 3 for 2’s are available!


Until very recently I solely used their face wash and moisturizer. However I have a tendency to over-clean my face resulting in heinous breakouts so my good friend Lucy Loves Lipstick nudged me in the direction of the Cetaphil Cleanser and as if by magic my skin has returned to its blemish free glory.  I am converted but for value for money Simple products will always be a winner.

Morrison’s Enrich Cocoa Butter Moisture Lotion

As someone with skin as dry as the Sahara I have been informed by my doctor that I should be moisturizing up to 8 times a day, I kid you not. The fact my entire body requires this lube frenzy it could get expensive….. and greasy.  At just £1.05 for 400ml I have found in this supermarket own brand product, a lotion that replenishes the moisture in my skin without the build up of grease which means I can touch my hair and face all day long without generating the ‘just stepped out of the chip pan’ look.  It also smells delicious!

So there you have it, cheap can be cheerful for those with sensitive skin.  Although the trial and error phase can be quite an ordeal it is worth it to discover old faithfuls such as these.

Adieu. x

Jo is a blonde Home & Away fanatic with a love of all things savoury.  She lives with her husband John and their rescue cat Suki who is a trained killer of all things rodent.  Together they are ready to fight the ever potential return of the bubonic plague.

Yes, that is Alf Steward (Ray Meagher for the purists).

Yes, that is Alf Steward (Ray Meagher for the purists).


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