Beauty Tutorial: Green Smokey Eye

Beauty Tutorial: Green Smokey Eye

I’m not one to wear eyeshadow often, but there are a few colours that I gravitate towards when I want to jazz up my lids. One of my favorite looks, is a green smokey eye.

As I’ve mentioned a few times, I am not your girl if you want a slick makeup tutorial. What I can do, is share how these makeup dunce makes herself look presentable occasionally. Hopefully that will be enough to keep you reading a bit longer….

I have olive skin, and brown eyes so I’m a textbook face for a coloured eye……be it green, purple, blue or bronze, having a wash of jewel tones on my eyelids warms my, often sallow, complexio a treat. For whatever reason, I find it pretty comfortable stepping out of my usual black kittem flick for one of these tones, what I don’t feel at all comfortable with – is a smokey eye. It doesn’t matter how many tutorials I watch, or how many times I practice I always look hopefully at my reflection only to see what I can only describe as an extra from Geordie Shore staring back at me.

So, I thought I’d attempt a smoky look with one of the shades that sit firmly in my comfort zone. Khaki has been all over the catwalks and magazines as a colour trend in makeup (I mean, I just wrote that hoping it was true making this post relevant) and it requires little to no faff. I use 3 products but you could absolutely just do it with one.

Khaki Smokey Eye Kit Makeup Beauty

Khaki Smokey Eye Kit


Khaki Eyeshadow (preferably matte)

Khaki/Gold Toned Eyeshadow

Olive Eyeliner

Black Mascara

After you’ve applied your base (bot not your undereye concealer, leave that until post eyeshadow) pop a primer on if you need one and pack on your chosen eyeshadow up to the crease. I’m not gonna give you a detailed tutorial involcing crease work, winging or taking the shadow right up to your brow bone because, well, I can’t do that stuff. I have a hooded eyelid, which essentially means that when my eyes are open you can’t really see any crease work anyway.

Khaki Smokey Eye Beauty Makeup

Testing out my Khaki Smokey Eye Kit on my hand…..

Once your base shade is on, and you may want to make it a matte shade, use a liquid, gel or kohl to define your lashline. It really doesn’t need to be neat at all as it’s just a definition thing…….wow, who let me write a Beauty blog. I then like to add a bit more of a shimmery or dare I mention, sparkly, eyeshadow in the same shade to define the corner of my eye and wash over that outer triangle up to the crease. I add the teeniest amount and just keep blending so everything looks a bit more blurry and sft focused. Finally, I add stacks of black mascara and a bit of peachy toned blush.

Easy Peasy.

Do you wear coloured eyeshadow or are you a straight up grey smoky gal?

L x

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