Oh man this is going to be an incredibly glamourous post.

I have talked endlessly about my battles with acne/crappy skin and if you’re a regular reader you’l be well aware of said battles. I think I have finally, finally cracked it after a long hard look at what  put on my face, and why.

I think I have found a few nuggets of useful information and I am not about to keep them to myself either. So, please sit back and peruse what I reckon are the secrets to great skin. Sidenote: these tips will totally work regardless of wether you are travelling but they all worked really well for me when I was.

Skincare Travel Essentials

Skincare Travel Essentials

  1. Take an adaptable cleanser. You need something which will take your makeup and SPF off but isn’t a five step process that will require flannels, hot water etc etc. I recommend something like Cetaphil, which is super gentle and rinses off with water, but genuinely gets your skin clean.
  2. Choose your cleanser with care. In the past, I’ve had a complex ritualistic cleansing routine that I started about 4 hours before I went to bed. Nowadays I keep it simple.  Oil free (rinse off)cleanser in the morning and (flannel off) balm in the evening.
  3. SPF is king! The other thing I switch up is my moisturiser/serum/oil combo. Obviously I wear stacks of SPF during the daytime, but I keep things pretty light of an evening and use something that will tackle my wrinkles and ‘repair’ my parched skin. ANR is amazing for that, but a cheaper option would be any of the face oils from Boots Botanics range which I love.
  4. Take a few face masks. Yes I know it seems over the top but take a few little sachets and use them sparingly. 3 cheap-as-chips sachets from Superdrug lasted me 2 months. Great for your skin. Great for traveling and most importantly, a nice little pick me up.
  5. Drink loads of water. This is so obvious, and I obviously can’t claim this as a ‘secret’ but truly – it works. I’m a huge tea drinker, except when travelling as you can’t get a decent breW in Asia (Lipton does not count) so stuck mostly to water. Giving up fizzy drinks and lets face it, wine (only when in Asia though!) has also hugely helped my skin.

What are your top tips for keeping your skin in  check? Do you have a different routine when travelling? Do you find that your skin looks dreamy when you’re on holiday?

L x

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