Two Fun & Free Places to Visit in Cambridge

Two Fun & Free Places to Visit in Cambridge

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Back in July when we hit back down in the UK after our 195daysofsummer tour, we were still feeling pretty giddy about sightseeing (we have since developed a serious Orange is the New Black obsession). To that end, we roped our parents into being our tour guides and strapped our cameras to our backs to explore our home towns – for me that’s Canterbury and for Oli it’s, well it’s actually London but lets not let the truth spoil this sentence, it’s Cambridge.

We were in Cambridge for one of my best friends weddings, of which I was a bridesmaid (post upcoming), so it only seemed fitting we explore the city in a truly blog-worthy way. It also gave me a chance to exploit the talents of my new camera (thanks Oli!).

Gorgeous Mirror, Kettles Yard, Cambridge.

We visited The Scott Polar Museum, and Kettles Yard — both a bit quirky and lesser visited. The former is a research institute of the University of Cambridge, founded to commemorate the death of Captain Scott after he died in 1912. The latter is essentially a house serving as an art space and former haven for students set up by Jim Ede.

Jim Ede Plaque, Cambridge

I’m gonna be brutally honest and say that I didn’t really enjoy the Scott Polar Museum, mostly because there was too much information for me, laid out in a fairly uninspiring way. Shamefully, I really didn’t know anything about Captain Scott and his deadly heroic mission to the South Pole so I guess, for me, the poignancy was perhas lost a bit. That being said, it was free — and very well organised. I’m just too much of a child when it comes to museums, I need interactive displays!

Oli the explorer at the Scott Polar Museum, Cambridge.

Kettles Yard on the other hand, was amazing. For a start, you have to knock on the door to gain access so it still feels like someones house. You are encouraged to walk at your own pace and sit down in any of the chairs — it’s not a gallery, or a museum — it’s  ‘a living place where works of art could be enjoyed . . . where young people could be at home unhampered by the greater austerity of the museum or public art gallery.’ (SOURCE). Jim Ede, the founder, lived here with his wife and they kept an ‘open house’ every afternoon, a tradition which has been kept up.

Kettles Yard Library Kettles Sign Kettles Yard Ornameny

I totally fell in love with the space and history of the place that was once a haven for local artists and students. It was genuinely a gorgeous space, with a really calm aura and I would happily go again and again.

What are your favourite places to visit in the UK? Do you have a favourite quirky gallery or museum? Do you judge my heinous lack of explorer knowledge?!

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