Our Future Travel Plans

Our Future Travel Plans

So, we’ve been back for one whole month now and it has gone by so quickly we forgot to let you all know our future travel plans….sorry. Hopefully you’ve all managed to read our post on how much it all cost….if not, here it is.

We are still in the process of rounding things up the ‘195 Days of Summer’ Tour (Oli hates it when I call it this), but we couldn’t wait any longer to share all of our upcoming plans…..drrrrum roll (actually on second thoughts, leave the drum roll).

We had an amazing time in our 6-and-a-bit months away, but we learned some important lessons on how we like to travel and what we want to do in the future, namely, sloooooowing way down. We travelled really quickly, and while some people revel in that kind of speed — we hated it. I mean, realistically, we were happy to move on from certain places (Lucknow, Chiang Mai — please step on up) but could have happily spent a lot more time in others (Most of India!). So, what this means for us going forward, is staying in one place for a minimum of two weeks.

Inle Lake, Myanmar (Burma)

We were super surprised at how amazing it was to get back to our flat in West London, and I, in particular, have become obsessed with the idea of redecorating and settling back in. We really, really missed London. We missed our social life, and angry tube passengers and being even being able to cook at home (eating out all the time got dull after a few months — first world problems I know).

So, what are our future plans? Well, the next step for us (which would have made more sense if we had actually got our posts out on time and told you sooner) is to travel to Saint Matre in France to spend two weeks housesitting, eating cheese and wine and looking after one elderly dog, a cat, a cockerel, a chicken and 15 chicks! We then fly to Barcelona (yyyyyaaaayyy) to hang out with my petit friend Hannah and her bf for her birthday…..then we are heading home to London until Xmas.


We really missed London and whilst this is a massive change from our original plan (Which was to carry on travelling until October), we are much happier with our decision. We also want to save some serious cash before our next jaunt which will be in……….

January! Woo, that was an anti climax. I really should have worded that a bit better. Note to self, read more John Grisham…….We decided back in July (around the time of the BA sale) that we wanted to go back to warmer climes post Xmas so we are heading for Koh Tao in January where Oli will be taking up a Dive Master internship at Roctopus and I will be…….what will I be doing…..hmmmm….


Well, we have loved working on this blog, and hope you all enjoyed our ramblings — which have served not only as a nice memento for us and our family, but a great platform for a creative output (waaaaaa, that is so cringe!). We will keep it up, but I’ll be focussing on Beauty (with a brand spanking new website coming soon!) — this will be tricky from Thailand, but not impossible, so that’s what I’ll be doing. And, I imagine, some bar work too.

We plan to come home around May, and really want to get in some beachy trips whilst we are out there — on our wanderlust list at the moment are the Gili Islands in Indonesia, the Perhentian Islands in Malaysia and we really wanna visit our friends Gav and Ruth in Oz too.


What do you think? What are your 2015 travel plans? Any suggestions for us?

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