A Mini Drugstore Beauty Haul

A Mini Drugstore Beauty Haul

As a beauty junkie on a serious budget, I’m always lusting after products only to be reminded that a) My backpack is full and b) I have flights to pay for………but sometimes, a product is just too good to pass up.

Enter my two new, totally bargain beauty loves


The little pot on top, is a beauty balm from Waitrose — this entire range is £1.99 so I’d highly recommend popping in to check it all out. Incidentally I did try to take a picture but was swiftly chased out of the store by security, woops! I’ve been using it on my lips, cuticles, eyebrows….it’s a bit like 8 Hour Cream but not so liquidy.

The big pot looks kinda boring, but IT’S NOT! It’s one of my favourite beauty ingredients in the world ever. It’s coconut oil! And as Superdrug have a huge sale on, it can be yours for £1.49. I wrote about the benefits of coconut oil when I was travelling as an amazing moisturiser, hair mask etc etc and I can’t emphasise enough how awesome it really is. And if you’re a coconut obsessive like me, you’ll love the smell too.

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Lucy Lucraft
Lucy Lucraft

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