Five Ways Starting a Podcast Changed My Life

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….and other hyberbolic claims.

No, to be totally honest (and very, very serious) starting my podcast was a flippant, heartfelt and totally deep-in-gut-creatively driven decision that I haven’t ever regretted for a second. It was one of those PERFECT timing, perfectly synced moments when what a kinda ‘lightbulb’ moment turned into some planning, a little self-doubt, and a whole heap of work.

And the most unexpected results.

You know when people say, ‘say yes, and more doors will open’? Sidenote: that isn’t an actual, comonly used phrase but humans have definitely said something similar to me before okay? So it’s a thing and we can all just go with it.

 So, yes, when people proffer that wisdom I often recoil in horror. I hate blogging rules, I hate networking, I hate doing the things people tell me I should be doing. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ll already know this. If not, this is new and fun info for you.

But podcasting? Well, nobody (in my echo chamber) was telling people to start podcasts as an extension of their blogging strategy. Which meant I was hopelessly (and, admittedly subconsciously) drawn to it.

Having no blueprint is scary though. Starting out when you haven’t seen your peers making mistakes you can dutifully avoid means you are the one making them. And in public too.

That’s not always comfortable, but it is motivating. It is empowering. And it has been the making of me.

Here are the myriad (okay, five) ways podcasting has changed my career: 

My income increased

In an old episode of the podcast Kayte Ferris shared the importance of diversifying our income streams.

This is exactly what I’ve done through my podcast, attracting speaking engagements, creating courses and trainings*, podcast sponsors, Patreon and increasing my overall profile to the point where my audience flow through my blog, email list and Instagram too. 

I found ‘my people’

As an INTJ personality type I’m used to being a loner (I make up less than 0.8% of the population).

Through the What She Said Facebook group (another whim!) I found a group of people who thought a lot like me. It’s mostly women, and we all support each other. We hate bullshit and we feel fear, often. 

And most of all, we crave connection with people who aren’t annoying. This might seem like a small thing but to this introvert with no crew it’s been life-changing; a way to share my fears and hopes in a safe enviroment AND to serve. To serve in a non-icky way where the purpose isn’t leading to sales.

I learned my strengths

So, as it goes, I’m pretty good at interviewing people. That’s something that has come up a lot. From the people I interview to my listeners it’s a beautiful complimentary thread I didn’t expect to received.

 As a journalist, I guess it’s in my (admittedly minimal) training to smell a story and I’m naturally prone to dig, dig, dig deeper until my curiositty and intuition is satieted. That means I like to get an interesting angle, and it often means I show a different side to my guests.

Tooting my own horn there 😉

I became an ‘expert’ 

Somewhat accidentally I might add! Doing it yourself either means you do it badly, or you learn to do it well. And while the latter is subjective what isn’t in question is the amount of hours spent teaching myself, reading around my subject and learning, learning, LEARNING.

And, as it goes, I’m quite a good teacher. I enjoy teaching others how simple it can be to start podcasting. Whether that’s a conference room of charity press officers, or in my home at a podcast workshop. Whether it’s through an online course or simply chatting about it on my podcast I LOVE seeing that ‘lightbulb’ moment in others. It’s magical. 

Creating content became fun again

I never wanted to start a YouTube channel, and becoming an Instagram Queen wasn’t super accessible or appealing to me either. Writing’s my bag, always.

But sometimes it gets boring doesn’t it? The task of creating content for nobody but yourself (even when you have an audience) means you must be self motivated. You need to find inspiration when you cannot.be.arsed. And sometimes, that means you give up. Especially when creating content isn’t your main source of income. Especially when you can.

Starting the podcast gave me a whole new way to create content. A way that meant I connected with my audience more intimately, more personally and, although it’s a whole heap of work, in a more creatively fulfilling way.

I still love writing the mostest ever. Like, the absolute mostest. But now I have a creative outlet that I rarely get sick of, one which fuels my writing and serves my content creation needs when writing is being a pain in the ass 😉 

L x

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Sign up for my live training and I’ll show you how to:

  • Plan and prepare for launch
  • Choose a niche and focus
  • Pick the right equipment and recording gear
  • Launch & grow your audience
  • Monetise/support your podcast

DATE: 26th July, 9.30am 

COST: £35

(PS – you don’t need to be there live!)

Lucy Lucraft
Lucy Lucraft

Lucy is a freelance journalist, blogger and podcaster based in Brighton, UK.

She started this blog in 2013 and is the host of blogging podcast What She Said.

Find me on: Web | Twitter | Instagram

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