You’ll probably have found yourself hitting a rut at some point in your blogging journey and if you’re reading this post it’s likely that moment is right now. It’ll come out of nowhere and fester, irritating you day and night until you sit down at your laptop to write a post you Just. Can’t. Be. Arsed to write.

You’ve lost all passion for writing anything, and the more you try, the worse you feel about your lack of enthusiasm for writing. You look at other’s daily blog posts and you can’t fathom how anyone could muster up the energy, or ideas to write something regularly at all, let alone every damn day.

It gets even worse when you throw in freelance writing jobs, sponsored posts, or reviews. Which, is basically the reason I no longer do them! But a lot of people do still want to take these opportunities, so how the hell do you fave that looming deadline/email from a PR/ hole in your editorial calendar and just…….write a damn blog post?

It should be my slogan really: I don’t have the solution. But, as ever, I’m writing this because it’s a genuine issue I’ve faced (and still do on occasion) so I can tell you for a fact it won’t end your career.

But you didn’t come here for that… here are my top tips to help you deal with your writer’s block.

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I share my top tips on dealing with the dreaded 'Writer's Block' when I'm blogging, freelancing or writing my to-do list ;)

Don’t Constrain Yourself

Alternative title: write about whatever you want

Far too often we find ourselves stuck in a rut of what we think we ‘should’ be doing. That isn’t restricted to blogging obviously, but I do think there is a LOT of pressure out there for bloggers — especially new ones.

So, you may have noticed I’ve been writing way more about blogging than travel recently. If you’re a regular email subscriber you’ll know why, because I sent out a wee newsletter explaining it all.

If not, then the brief explanation is that I’m just writing about stuff I want to write about and for the time being — that doesn’t seem to involve travel. It probably will do again, but it makes sense given my disposition to rebelling and not wanting to slot into a genre.


Get In The Zone

Far too often, I’ll sit down to write at a scheduled time and expect words to flow despite being harassed by the time limit, tired, hungry or just plain distracted by another upcoming deadline.

For me, whacking Spotify on, sitting at my table by the window and drinking tea is the zone. I also work better on Monday mornings, because that’s when I’m at my most creative, and least likely to be up for doing rigid ‘tasks’. So I write whatever I want, and come back later to edit and do the boring stuff.

I RARELY do emails on a Monday morning. That is guaranteed to kill my mojo immediately.

Whatever ‘the zone’ looks like for you, get in it and stay as long as you want.

Writing Prompts

If you google ‘blog writing prompts’ or, even better, head to Pinterest and do the same — you’ll find a whole wealth of posts with lists of blog post ideas (sometimes as long as 100!)

These are typically written by lifestyle, fashion or beauty bloggers and, to be honest, a lot will be irrelevant to you (My Current Fitness/Makeup/Food Routine…..blah blah) BUT they will get you thinking about what you do and don’t wanna write.

I always love The Sunday Girl’s prompts. I’ve never necessarily used the prompts in the exact format she suggests, but I love the way she mixes it up depending on the season and it always gives me a bit of inspiration when I’m feeling ‘stuck’.

I share my top tips on dealing with the dreaded 'Writer's Block' when I'm blogging, freelancing or writing my to-do list ;)


Read More

This, to me, is the easiest and hardest ones to achieve because, again — you need to be ‘in the zone’ to read. I mean, at least I do. I can’t just set aside 20 minutes to read and stick to it because I might not be in the mood to read.

So instead of scheduling my reading time, I basically read whenever the mood takes me. So when I’m scheduling my social media posts for the week I have a wee gander of my fave blogs. I read most evenings before bed, and sometimes…..if I’m feeling like a slow morning I read a magazine, or a book, or even watch a TED talk then too.

Your routine will likely be quite different to mine, and maybe you like to get your reading fix on your morning commute. Whatever it is, you get my drift — just read more.

Just Do It

In the immortal words of Nike, sometimes you have to just do it. Just do the work. If you are throwing stuff at your screen right now bear with me!

Most of us are way too stressed out at the thought of writing the post to actually sit down and write it. Write it without imagining it’ll ever get published.

Write that post you never thought you’d write because it would offend someone.

Write the post you think is super boring about your bank account.

Write literally anything you want and worry about finessing it later.

This ‘trick’ always works for me, and I can almost guarantee it’ll work for you too. If not, remember to keep your receipt as I offer refunds for up to 1 minute after you’ve opened this blog post.

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