I meant to publish this WAY earlier but hey ho, I’m rarely on time in life so why would I be online? Actually, I’m ALWAYS on time but that lie made the opening sentence of this post easier to write so….

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Taking part in Veganuary? Here are my tried and tested favourite vegan recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

I’ve been vegan for a while now, vegetarian even longer, carnivorous intermittently, on a diet of breastmilk for a few short months, juicing = NEVER.

And it seems as though a fair few flirt with a flexitarian diet too. Perhaps you’ve found this piece searching for, “vegan recipes for people who like their stomach”, or perhaps for this, “why does vegan cheese make me cry” but more likely this, “vegan recipes because I’ve just signed up to Veganuary and I can’t eat any more Oreos.”

Perhaps none of the above. However you found me, you are in the right place if you want a roundup of my FAVOURITE, tried, tested and devoured vegan recipes.


Disclaimer: If you like chia seed puddings you’re in the wrong place. I hate that stuff!


I find lunch a weird one as anything I eat for my tea (dinner) I also eat for lunch. But I’ve popped some great sarnie and soup recipes and some more traditionally eaten at lunchtime. Rainbow sandwich


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