The Indonesian Food You MUST Eat in Bali

The Indonesian Food You MUST Eat in Bali

Whilst our time in Indonesia was spent mostly on Bali, we hopped over to another of the 17,000 islands in the giant archipelago too, Nusa Lembongan.

There was so much we adored about Indonesia. The people who always smiled at us and forgave our crappy attempts at Indonesian, the intensely lush landscape and….the food. Ah the food. I’m not gonna lie, my stomach was in a pretty poor state after Nusa Lembongan which seriously let the side down on the food front, but more of that another day. Maybe. However on the whole, we took to Indonesian food like savages at a free wine tasting.

So, please enjoy this little photo essay on some of our favourites….

Noodles at Seniman

Noodles at Seniman Coffee Studio, Bali


Nasi Goreng, Bali, Indonesia

Nasi Goreng aka Fried Rice with an Egg on top. YUM


Night market, Street Food, Bali, Indonesia

Night market food is always delicious.


Pizza, Bali, indonesia

Sometimes a girl just needs a good, old fashioned pizza.

I didn’t snap a picture of this, but Gado Gado is without question the most deliciously healthy and filling Indonesian meal. It’s served differently wherever you go, but boils down to this – vegetables (often boiled or streamed) served around a little pot of satay sauce. YUM. Pisang Goreng is another classic, which just translates as fried banana. Always a winner in my book.

What’s your favourite food discovery?

L x

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the BEST things to eat in Indonesia #1

What does Indonesian food have to offer? Soooooo much. Read on to see the treats we discovered whilst eating this stunning archipelago.

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