Easy Peasy Hairstyles For Travelling

If you are anything like me, aka one hot mess when travelling, then you will doubtless have the same issues as me when deciding how to tame your hair. If your hair is thicker than a few strands and longer than your shoulders you probably need some easy hairstyles for travelling.

1) Fishtail Plait/Braid| This is a godsend in braid form. I only discovered how to do it this year and I can say with no drama affected that it has changed my life. It is surprisingly easy to do yet looks kinda fancy. I tend to plait it on one side so the back of my neck stays cool but you could do it straight down if you wanted.

2) Classic French Braid/Plait| Ah the oldies are sometimes the best. This classic may remind you of school days of yore, when your mum would painfully brush your hair (why did hair brushing seem so painful back then!) and neatly plait it into the oh so grandiose style known as a ‘French Braid’. Despite the fact I’ve never seen a french woman with her hair in this style, I totally bought it as a chic hairstyle and vowed to learn the hand dexterity to self administer one someday…….happily I can tell you that yes, I have learned and use this style sparingly and only when necessary. Jokes aside, it’s a nice style for when you are super hot and bothered as it neatly gets all the hair off your face and keeps it there.

A view over Athens, Greece

Windwept in Athens, Greece with my foolproof plait/braid.

3) Pineapple/Top Knot Bun| This was basically my only hairstyle for 360 days out of 365 last year. It is the holy grail of stylish, easy and practical hairstyles and I can’t lie, it’s gonna dominate 2015 for me too. However, if you are prone to the irritating ‘baby hair’ around the temples like yours truly, you may wanna mix it up a little as this hairstyle puts a fair old strain on any weaker hairs. I have stacks of broken hair now due to this hairstyle so will be aiming to use it a touch less in 2015.

Fresh Juice in Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia

Fresh Juice in Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia with my trusty topknot.

4) Weird Wedding Hair| I have to apologise as I have no idea what you would call this ‘do. My old workmate Ellie used to rock this and it always looked so cool, chic and simple that we begged her to show us how. FML it is easy. Technically you don’t even need hairgrips and could literally do it with a stretchy ballet type hairband but my hair is pretty thick so I always add a few.

My favourite You Tube tutorials for easy peasy hairstyles are below:

Zoella’s Quick and Easy Hairstyles inc. a brilliant (and very funny) guide to the fishtail braid.

Another Zoella gem which highlights hairstyle number 4)……

I love Luxy Hair’s ‘Running Late Hairstyles’ but be warned, you will get hair envy.

If you follow me on Instagram you can check out whether or not I actually rock any of these hairstyles or just stick faithfully to my trusty donut bun but either way please do let me know your thoughts in the comments box – I love hearing from y’all!

L x

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