On the 19th day of Christmas my true love gave to me…..ANOTHER blog post from moi. This week I’m showing you how to make your own vegan candles. 

When I learned how to make my own candles I honestly wanted to kick myself for the sheer volume of money I’d spent on crappy candles over the years. In truth, having made a fair few I can 100% see why artisan candle-makers charge the price they do and I’ll continue to support them because there is a difference in scent and burn time. Just being honest with you! 

But I love having candles on the go throughout winter so it’s nice to be able to make one whenever I need it. It takes about 30 minutes, tops, and your new candle will be ready to burn the very next day 🙂

 It’s also really worth noting that the cheaper candles are often made using CHEAP ingredients which are pretty revolting to be brutally honest. Most are made with paraffin wax which, when burnt, release toxins such as benzene and toluene. After learning this it was a HARD NO to those bargain candles for me. The double win is that you can use any old glass jars to make them in, saving your recycling bin from yet more waste 🙂 

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A simple guide to making your own vegan candles with a bonus video tutorial!

Your Candle-Making Kit

  • *Soya wax flakes (or beeswax if you aren’t vegan)
  • *Wicks attached to metal dots and glue to secure them
  • Essential oils/blends: Make sure you don’t buy cheap as chips stuff and try to buy less, but better. The essential oils I use are from Young Living, *Neals Yard and Apotheca Faversham.
  • Receptacles, like glass jars, teacups, bowls….anything! 
  • A saucepan and a bowl that’ll fit inside like a bain marie

How To Make Vegan Candles

  1. Measure your wax flakes: I use double the amount that’ll fit into your jar.
  2. Using a bain marie, melt your wax flakes over the hob slowly. The slower you melt them the slower they’ll burn.
  3. Once fully melted, pour into a jug and set aside to cool a little.
  4. While your wax cools a little attach your wick to the base of your jar and make sure it’s secure. 
  5. Now for the fun bit: Add your chosen essential oils! I added around 50 drops per 150ml but I think you could probably add more and use a 50/50 ratio. It really depends on the quality and type of oil you use.
  6. Now it’s time to pour! Make sure you hold the wick fairly central (you can use a peg to steady it if you want), and pour the wax carefully onto your jar. 
  7. Secure the wick with a peg or chopsticks and leave somewhere cool to set. Mine took around 24 hours in summer, 12 in winter. 

L x