I really struggled to sit down and write this post for some reason. I think it’s because I don’t quite know whether anyone wants to read it. But it’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot, so it makes sense to put it down on digital paper, as it were, and tell you what I’m thinking.

How often do you check your phone? I think I check mine hundreds of times a day. You probably do too, without even realising.

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Constant craving

Sometimes I’m checking my phone for something useful and purposeful, like the time or a text from someone I’m meeting. But often, I am checking it on reflex, like a nervous tick. It’s not healthy, and I annoy myself as well as running down my battery by endlessly refreshing Twitter, Facebook or my emails.

I guess it may seem like a sign of the times, but it is actually pretty damaging to most of us. The constant need for immediate validation and stimulation is making us need more all the time. For someone like me, with a pretty short attention span this is a nightmare. It means that I can’t seem to sit down to a task and finish it without constant procrastination, and reading a book is something I haven’t done for ages despite how much of a bookworm I used to be.

Even while writing this post, I have felt my mind wander to what’s going on elsewhere, followed by me checking my phone. Again.

This isn’t a post about procrastination or how to be more productive. It’s simply my thoughts and woes collected in one place. Maybe some of you will relate and feel comforted that you aren’t the only cracked-out phone obsessive out there. Or maybe it’s just me…..

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Time to reboot

I’m not likely to take myself off the grid to have an enforced digital detox, but I have made a few little tweaks.

In truth, there were a fair few social media platforms I used purely because I felt I should. The blogging world is an insular one, and if you want a space to self-flagellate and compare yourself  to others on — it’s the perfect place for you. And the rules…..oh, the ‘rules’ of how to become a successful blogger. There are plenty of people making money telling you how you should be running your business and not all of them should be listened to. And you know how I hate those people.

That said, it is entirely possible to be a successful blogger and not get sucked into the blogosphere. I have a few blogger friends who are all true to themselves and don’t allow themselves to become too dependant on ‘the rules.’

So I took a step back and started listening to people I trusted, and made space to hear my own thoughts. Ignoring that little voice telling me ‘I have to do xyz’ I realised I only enjoy using Instagram and Twitter. So the rest have gone. I no longer have a Facebook page, just a private profile. And Snapchat….meh, it’s gone too. I still like Pinterest but I don’t consider that to be a social network anyway, it’s more of a search engine.

I don’t feel like I am any less attached to my iPhone, but I haven’t missed Facebook at all. In fact, I am very much enjoying not being a constant part of it. Same goes for Snapchat.

I’m off to Bestival in a couple of days and will essentially be in a state of enforced digItal detox. Let’s see how it goes 🙂

Are you addicted to your phone? How do you switch off?

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