The best Products for Dehydrated skin | lucylucraft.com | travel, beauty, lifestyle.

The best products for dehydrated skin | lucylucraft.com | travel, beauty, lifestyle.

If you read this post, you will know that my mind was truly blown when I realised that I had dehydrated skin, not dry skin as I’d previously thought.

Thank you for your lovely messages after that post by the way — I received a few on Facebook and Twitter and it seems that a lot of you thought you had dry skin too. It’s quite easy to mis-diagnose I think, and after reading Pretty Honest last year (which expertly explains the difference between the two skin types) I am a little ashamed that the penny didn’t drop then. I can only surmise that my skin was behaving significantly better when I read it, as I was living in humid Koh Tao at the time. That’s my excuse anyway…..

To recap for those of you that didn’t catch my skin type revelation: dehydrated skin is lacking in water, not oil. Hence why you may find that you still need blotting powder for oily patches…..but your skin also feels tight and dry. Dry skin is quite different as it’s lacking in oil. Hence why dry skin tends not to breakout as much…..and why I was so damn confused at my acneic, yet dry skin. Now that I now my skin is a little peach in need of a daily watering, I have adapted my products to suit it and thus far — I haven’t had a spot ALL MONTH. That is completely unheard of, for me, and I cannot tell you what a relief it has been to wake up every day with a face I hadn’t seen since my twenties…crows feet aside.

The best Products for Dehydrated skin | lucylucraft.com | travel, beauty, lifestyle.

To say that I feel like something has just ‘clicked’ is to underestimate the effect that using, not only the right skincare, but the right foundation has had on my face. Understanding your skin type cannot be underestimated and I could happily spend thousands of words, extolling the virtues of reading Pretty Honest, of living and dying by Caroline Hirons brutal honesty and last, but not least — getting yourself to a dermatologist. If you can’t get a GP referral, save your pennies because OMG it is beyond worth it. It has, cough cough, changed my life…..cringe. But true.

I do want to touch upon diet though, because with the best will in the world; if you are intent on eating shit, you will probably look shit. Have a long hard look at your diet because the usual culprits will be the ones that want to destroy your skin (and the rest of you too). It is, of course, all about moderation AND, double whammy cliche alert, everyone is different. There may well be no scientific research to suggest that mushrooms make you breakout or that Muller Rice is giving you wrinkles (and I am in no way suggesting that they are, by the way)……but you know your own body, and if those two delightful foods f@ck your face up; stop eating them. I know that dairy doesn’t really agree with me, and as a rule I avoid most animal products for lots of reasons, but primarily because it doesn’t agree with my skin or tummy 🙁  Obvs, sugar is the devil…..we all know that and don’t even get me started on aspartame. That is literally hell. I can happily say that I haven’t drunk a Diet Coke for a good few years now…..and let me tell you, I used to drink it like there was a Diet Coke drought. I do however, LOVES ME SOME WINE. Ain’t nobody gonna stop me from guzzling that dreaminess by the bottle……I just balance it out a little by not drinking anything else except water. And tea with almond milk.

Anyway, I am not even remotely qualified to be talking about nutrition or dermatology so do not take this as anything more than my experience. Even so, I hope some of this advice is helpful. On to the good stuff, the products…..

The best Products for Dehydrated skin | lucylucraft.com | travel, beauty, lifestyle.

Clinique Moisture Surge Intense

Apply after your serum/oil.

The whole joyously pink range from Clinique is divine. I have never found anything more moisturising, with a better texture. It’s so satisfyingly gelly-like, that you almost think it won’t sink in without an aggressive massage….but it will. Mr WanderLuce also adores it, and he has dry (not dehydrated) skin so I would recommend it for both skintypes.

Pai Rosehip Bioregenerate Oil

Apply after cleansing, before moisturiser.

I am in a predicament with this product, because I love it. I really love it. I love the texture, I love the way it blends, I love the effect it has on my skin and how plumped up my face looks after a happy night spent wallowing in it’s goodness. However. I HATE the smell. I was initially confused, as I totally j’adore the smell of roses — I am a bit of a granny that way — I loves me a floral scent so I spent many a night massaging it into my skin with a grimace on my (admittedly well moisturised) face. Until my friend Emily pointed out that it is not rose, it is rosehip, different entirely, although of the same ilk (Rose is, erm, a rose, and rosehip is the wild plant cynorhodon).

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair

Apply after cleansing, before moisturiser

This is one of my first beauty loves, and I have been using it on and off for almost 10 years. It is such a strange consistence, almost sticky and honestly, it sinks in so quickly I often think I haven’t applied enough. But I always have, and I trust in it’s healing powers. I used to be lucky enough to receive one every few weeks which I would sole out to friends and family who, mostly, adored it just as much as I do. The new formulation (not so new, about three years old now) has Hyaluronic acid in it which is the acid of my dreams.

Pixi Hydrating Milky Mist

Apply after toning…and throughout the day as needed (even over makeup).

I only recently got back into a mist, and somehow I now have three (woops) but this remains my ultimate. It is such a gentle mist, if you know what I mean…..it doesn’t shoot globules of water in your face, which means that it’s perfect for spritzing onto made up skin. I am almost at the end of this little dream and I can’t really afford another one, given that I already have two others…..so I am in a slight state of mourning for it already 😉

Pixi Glow Tonic

Apply after cleansing AM & PM (although I only use PM).

I had heard the hype, and didn’t really believe it. I stuck firmly with my Nip & Fab Glycolic Fix + pads for yonkers (well, for three repurchases anyway) and very happily indeed. But then I wandered into the Pixi store and it was 20% off…….so, yeah, that hapened. Now, I do not know how the fook I coped without it! It is firmly in my hall of fame (which doesn’t exist, because I am not a magazine or famous skincare blogger) but you get the picture. I don’t find that it stings, but I do get a cheeky tingle after using it at night, which I like because I know it works. The only thing I will say is that if you use it in the morning — wear an SPF afterwards. Unless you don’t leave the house or have been Fritzled (too far? probs). I don’t have an SPF that I like at the moment hence why I only use it at night.

Nuxe Creme Fraiche Mask

Apply as a mask, or as an overnight treat, or after serum/oil as a moisturiser.

I have talked about this product A LOT. Like seriously, a lot. It never leaves my side when I travel because it is just so bloody hydrating. For the plane, for sunburn (which you shouldn’t be getting anyway) and for general tiredness — this is what you need. Oh and by the way – I just slap it on at night and leave it to sink in; it’s not a mask in the traditional sense. The only negative is that similarly to the Pai Oil, it smells rank. Like, seriously rank. But I have repurchased about a gazillion times so that shows you how good it is!

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