It’s a truly glamorous day when you realise that you have a burning desire to write about your formerly flaky dandruff ridden scalp.

But that day has come. And you, my friends, are about to discover the only thing that helped me solve my dandruff, and dismay at the fact nothing seems to solve my acne prone, dry skin (a post on that another day.)

These are the BEST tips to get rid of pesky dandruff! Read on....

Be kind to your scalp

I feel like I have genuinely tried everything, and regardless of how harsh (Head & Shoulders), gentle (Lush) or revoltingly scented (T-Gel) it is, nothing worked. I would try the new product filled with hope, rushing over to the mirror straight afterwards to examine my scalp only to find the familiar white flakes and one more sink into dandruff despair.

It sounds dramatic, I know, but there’s nothing more disheartening then having something like dandruff. I imagine it’s similar to having severe eczema which can be debilitating. It obviously wasn’t debilitating in my case, but in the run up to big events — like my wedding — I was completely obsessed with finding something, anything, that would return my scalp to glory. Or at least, to stop it from snowing.

Go natural

I had already decided I had to go to Philip Kingsley for a costly consultation, as I truly was at my wits end, but then something dreamy happened. Because of this wee blog, I sometimes get sent products, which I rarely discuss on here as I don’t tend to write product focused posts. But this product is one of a freaking kind. For £2.99 in Tesco (or another supermarket, or on Amazon) this wonder product is my holy grail.

green bottle of organic damp on white background

Introducing Vatika lemon shampoo. It smells lemony, obvs, but almost a little creamy too? Strange smell is what I’m trying to say basically! But either way, it’s absolutely amazing and has transformed my hair washing routine.

And I’ve been using it in conjunction with the Vatika olive oil to nourish my hair the night before I wash it.

They also sent me the biggest pot of coconut conditioning hair mask, but I’ve only used it once thus far as it’s a little on the heavy side for my hair.

How do you cope with the hideousness of dandruff? Or any other unspoken beauty?

L x

Please note that some of the products in this post may have been sent to me for review. However regardless of who pays, all views are my own and only the stuff I like makes it in here.