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Regular readers will know that I’m a little up and down about my fitness routine. I got into fitness pretty late in life by modern day standards, and really only hit my stride recently: at the grand old age of 32. That doesn’t feel very old, because I am still 23 in my head but let’s just emphasise that I am only that young in my head.

I’ve always had fairly fast metabolism and have maintained a size 10 for about 15 years……a roomy size 10 sometimes, a stretched-to-the-limit size 10 sometimes…..but still, nothing too dramatic. In that sense, I do feel lucky but in quite another I am painfully aware that my fitness levels — inherited from my less than sporty parents — are dire. Or at least, they were. Going to the gym has never appealed, and I have always been scared of classes, all those except spinning anyway. So nothing really stuck, and if I needed to lose weight, I just stopped eating………not good, and please don’t try this at home.

Anyway, over the past couple of years I have discovered a real love of fitness and have found  that I actually rely on exercise to sleep better, feel better and obvs: look better. But honestly, the main reason for me sticking to this new fitness shenanigan is how it makes me feel, and this is where I’m gonna get deep readers. If you are a long time reader, you may know that I have suffered from clinical depression for a fooking long time, and I have taken anti depressants on and off, had therapy on and off…..and nothing has really clicked.

Until I started getting a little more serious about exercise. I now feel like I want to exercise, and I genuinely feel a little crappy when I don’t get a little bit sweaty (gross, soz). So what do I do? A few different things tbh. I try to run three times a week, do a few strength training session’s and slot in some pilates, and yoga too. Because I work from home, I tend to use You Tube a lot. If I had a little more free cash, I would definitely be off to CrossFit. Even though it’s weird and a little cult-like.

My Fitness Routine| lucylucraft.com | travel, beauty, lifestyle.

I have never felt more attractive…..

This is what my current fitness routine looks like:


5k run which I am very new to (and not very fast at!), and this runners cool down….

[su_youtube_advanced url=”https://youtu.be/nzCMptGGZt8″]


Strength Training. This is my favourite workout, hence why I think I’d love Cross Fit. It’s my absolute favourite thing to do, and the only downside is that working from home means a distinct lack of weights….I have a Kettlebell (£12 from Tiger) but at some point I will need something heavier. I hope…..


A repeat of Monday usually, or a rest day if yesterday’s workout has left me a little sore……


Pilates, or Hiit. Now, I am VERY new to pilates and I am that div who thought that it was basically yoga. It’s not! I love it, and it properly toned my tummy up pre wedding (it’s a paunch again now). I tend to watch Cassey on Blogilates, but I warn you — she may grate a little, she is defs too perky for me most days……just press mute.

[su_youtube url=”https://youtu.be/lCg_gh_fppI” width=”1600″ height=”600″]


I like to end my working week with a healthy dose of Yoga With Adriene. I love her, and take that time as a bit of a mindfulness tool too — she is the dream.


Another cheeky run and some more yoga to cool down. I am yet to take on the dark arts of foam rollers, but I only run 5k so I don’t think I need that nonsense.


It’s a day of rest people! It’s also often mine and Oli’s only day off together so I rarely work out.

How do you stay fit? Do you hate foam rollers too? 

L x

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