Cruises are the ideal type of holiday for adventure seekers. Waking up each morning with a new and incredible adventure on your doorstep is one of the best feelings in the world. With so many cruises now designed to feed the appetite of adventure seekers, which one should you be going on?

Here are four cruises destined to satisfy the adventure seeker in you.

travel cruise - caribbean cruise on the coast


When you think of visiting the Caribbean, days spent relaxing in a hammock sipping on delicious cocktails might be more what comes to mind than wild adventures.

But, in fact cruising around the Caribbean gives you much more opportunity to see unheard of islands and explore the wonderful new places than before.

From climbing through caves to scuba diving and zip wiring through the luscious greenery, the Caribbean offers ample opportunities for thrill seekers wanting to live life on the edge.

travel cruise - norway fjords view

The Norwegian Fjords

Any outdoor enthusiast who enjoys being active and at one with nature will jump at the chance to go on a cruise calling at the incredible Norwegian fjords.

The breath-taking scenery can be admired from the ship for those who prefer admiring from a far, whereas those who want to get involved can enjoy sailing, hiking and cycling whilst exploring the fjords.

travel cruise - river cruise in europe


Adventure seekers will adore the diversity that cruising through Scandinavia offers. From super trendy cities like Oslo and Copenhagen to amazing natural wonders with the opportunity to see a glimpse of the incredible northern lights.

Scandinavia offers the perfect mix of cosmopolitan adventures, from trying new delicacies and experiencing new cultures, to experiencing the thrills of enjoying the world’s natural beauty.

travel cruise - river cruise in europe

River Cruising in Europe

Sailing on much smaller cruise liners through Europe means there’s much more opportunity to see the world’s most incredible scenery. The beauty if river cruising for those who love adventure is that you can reach locations larger cruises can’t access making the destinations rarer and more impressive to visit.

River cruises mean you spend less time on board and more time exploring and with many of the most exciting European cities on a river cruising route, it’s the ideal type of cruise for the adventurers out there.

With all these amazing different types of cruises available at Planet Cruise you’ll be able to find the perfect cruise for you and quench your thirst for adventure in no time.

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