So, my birthday was last week, and I got some pretty good gifts, one of which was the book you see below – Craft Beer London by Will Hawkes

Craft Beer London

Craft Beer London

This is a cracking little book that Lucy got me. It lists all the great places in London that one can frequent to enjoy a tasty craft beer. So it has sparked a little project. Everytime I go out to meet someone for a drink, instead of going to a boring old pub we’ve been to before, I will be suggesting one of the 100-odd establishments listed in this little tome.

For those of you with a commanding knowledge of the 21st Century and the gadgets associated with said century, there is an app that can be downloaded with a maps feature to find one of the approved listings in your area.

So, more to come on this once I’ve been in contact with someone who wants to go for a drink…anyone?