Ever stayed up at night stressing about how many old blog posts you need to ‘tweak for SEO’? Or bemoaned your lack of understand of why on earth none of your posts are on the first page of Google when you type: ‘awesome blog’?

That was me a few years ago too.

“Simple SEO Blog Success has made me rethink everything I thought I knew about blogging. Although I’ve been blogging for almost two decades, there is something about the way that Lucy presents her SEO knowledge that makes you not only understand it – but fall in love with it too. “

Sam Sparrow, As The Sparrow Flies

I invested hundreds in courses that promised to teach me blogging success, yet rarely found one that gave me a solid understanding of anything beyond ‘write great content’ and ‘take better pictures.’

So I made a point of learning about the Google Algorithm and how it affected each and every page on my blog. I learned how to utilise Pinterest to boost my traffic and tripled my page views in three months, but the most important thing I learned and what ties all of these threads together was this: SEO.

If you’re thinking: “I know SEO, I have an awesome plugin for that!” think again — there is so much more to it than what you think you know about on-page SEO.

“Thank you for creating an interesting and very helpful course!

It’s better than any other SEO course I’ve tried online and I finally feel confident enough to make my blog SEO flawless. “

Natalie Roberts, Happy Healthy Nat
Because cats are better than computer pictures. 

If you’re stressing about the hundreds of blog posts in your back catalogue you need to go back over and rewrite, don’t. I’ll help you understand exactly what matters, what search engines want from your content and why so you can prioritise and cut your to-do list dramatically.

This course will equip you with everything you need to know to master basic SEO for your blog or business and show you the common pitfalls we all make so you can avoid them.

I wrote it, so you know it’s coming from someone who’s learned through trial, error and sheer determination. I’m one of you! Not some whizzy SEO geek who knows his black-hat tactics from his anchor text (ps you’ll know this too by the end of the course)

When you finish this course you’ll know how to optimise every single blog post you publish, how to get your website ranking and help you on your way to those coveted page views!

I can’t promise you’ll all end the course ranking number one for: “UK blog” on Google, or Bing for that matter, but I can promise you a deeper understanding of SEO and the tools to go out there and optimise your blog. You’ll end this course with a solid SEO toolkit and a smug smile when you overhear someone wail: ‘I need to focus on SEO this year…..but how?!’

Because you, my friend, WILL know how.

Buy the course for £120 right here.

Lucy Lucraft working pictures Brighton beach -1

This course is for you IF

You want to learn, you want to do the work and you are ready to start taking your blog seriously. 

You love learning in a self-paced way, hate boring techy language and don’t want your homework marked.

You LOVE tinkering with your blog, and just need some direction and knowledge to up your SEO game.

This course is NOT for you IF

You want someone else to do the work for you.

You like to have your hand held throughout the whole process, and hate having to do the work yourself.

You want an SEO consultant to give you bespoke advice for your blog.

You need excessively technical language and hate humour.

You expect to triple your blog’s traffic through osmosis. (YOU HAVE TO DO THE WORK TO GET RESULTS.)

Still keen? Here’s what to expect:

SIX modules covering everything from the Google Algorithm, Keyword Research, SEO Jargon, Traffic Building through to SEO best practice and common pitfalls. Read the full curriculum here.

Buy the course for £120 right here.

Still got questions? Email me here and I’ll try to answer them!