Anyone who knows me knows I’m kinda obsessed with cutting through the BS and teaching people how to do stuff they can’t do themselves with no fuss and no faff. I wholeheartedly believe there is an awful lot of gumph out there, usually swaddled in mansplaining or slick sales pages and that’s not what I’m about at all. 

I like to create chunky courses on juicy topics that yield results WITHOUT giving you a headache or confusing you.I’ve been doing this for about 18 months now and I’m so good at it I win awards. (That’s a lie…..)

But people do seem to like my courses. In fact, 60% of those who buy one of my courses have gone on to buy at least one more. To me, that’s GOLDEN. It says that my style REALLY works for my audience of kick-ass feminist blogger/business owner/entrepreneurs. Slashies. Multi-hyphenates….whatever you wanna call yourselves I am HERE FOR IT. 

But I realised I needed something more accessible and easily digestible than a big chunky course with a time commitment and price tag to match. 

So I decided to break down some of my specialties into bite size chunks and teach them in the form of a live training session. One you can do in 1.5 hours, for £45 and  immediately put into action. 

I love taking live trainings. They’re less faff than a self-paced six week course and I can slot them into my day/week easily. I don’t always want the extra bonuses that come with courses……the Facebook groups and 1:1 support (although, obviously there’s a place for that!) 

Sometimes I just want to learn quickly and GET SHIZ DONE. 


In the 1.5 hour training I’ll teach you how to:

  • Get started with Tailwind
  • Schedule hundreds of pins in advance in less than 1hr a month
  • Find and join group boards
  • Utilise the amazing Tailwind Tribe function

This training is the best thing since sliced bread. That is all. Also, yes…..I am the trainer which makes this testimonial somewhat dubious however I very much trust my excellent judgement.

Lucy Lucraft

Cheeky testimonial leaver

So why do you need this live training? If you have been using Pinterest for a while, know how to create pins and pin them but just don’t get the whole…..it will triple your traffic thing, this is for you. 

Why? Because I’m almost positive the reason you aren’t seeing results is because you don’t know how to automate. You probably know there’s such a thing as an automation tool and you might even know of group boards and tribes but you REALLY want someone to tell you what to do, quickly, and simply. 


You’ll join me live in a secret Facebook group where I’ll share my screen and run you through 1.5 work of juicy content. 

I’ll walk you through Tailwind and how to use it for Pinterest success and answer your questions as we go too. 

And at the end of the 1.5 session you’ll have the recording, slides and a couple of bonus tutorial videos to refer back to for life too. 


If you know the basics of using Pinterest, have some boards and some content to pin then YES, it’s for you. 

But if you don’t have a blog/business where you regular publish pinnable content (aka blog posts) this isn’t for you.

I won’t be covering Pinterest basics/account setup so if this is something you need I suggest you join my free 3-day Pinterest challenge instead. 

And if you need email/1:1 support to help you through any technical hurdles you encounter this isn’t for you…….you migt prefer my Pinterest course which comes with a Facebook group & Group Board too.