How To Start a Podcast

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Because podcasters have way more fun…..

If you’re anything like me you listen to about ten different podcasts a week. You’re borderline obsessed with them. You have your favourite hosts in your ear telling you how to be a better business owner, inspiring you to make big life changes, learn about politics, cry at love stories and listen on the edge of your seat desperate to know what happens next.

Here’s the thing though. It doesn’t seem that hard to do yourself. You really want to start your own podcast. You have an idea, a seedling of an idea you want to make happen but you just don’t understand what the fudge to do next.

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That was me two years ago too.

I came up with the idea for my podcast before I was pregnant, and a little like my little baby it grew inside me (gross analogy?!) for longer than I expected before being birthed pretty dramatically.

I had help with some of the techy stuff, from a sweet friend who knew what she was doing, but in essence, I did the whole thing on my tod.

If you’re reading this sales page you might know what that pod-baby became. My podcast What She Said launched in 2017 when my human baby was a couple of months old and shot straight into new and noteworthy. It’s been hanging around the top of the iTunes charts ever since and, well, it’s changed my life a bit.

Starting my podcast was the best decision I’ve ever made.

I tripled my income by finding my customers and learned an awesome new skill.

I want this for you too!


Why you should start a podcast

After starting my podcast I’ve realised that it’s one of the most underrated forms of content among bloggers.

Although we’ve been told video creation is the way forward with many of us keen to upskill and add a new string to our bow, audio is wildly overlooked.

And guess what? The thing with audio is that you can do it in bed, with nothing more than headphones and your phone.

There’s a relatively small learning curve with podcasting and the sooner you get cracking the quicker you’ll be an expert!

Like me?! Erm……I’m no expert but I know a thing or two about creating a successful podcast. Mine made it to the Apple homepage in new & noteworthy on week three, and regularly hangs out in the charts too.






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