Travel Beauty Update! 34 days in: my skin is a lot better, and seems to have calmed right down. It’s not quite glowing, but it’s not disgusting. My hair on the other hand, is revolting. Weeks of scraping it up on top of my head and not wearing a hat has left it really sun damaged and super dry. I have really thick, curly hair (and lots of it), so before we left I cut about 5 inches off as I knew the ends would get pretty disgusting really quickly! That was all well and good back in the land of rare humidity, where the only thing I had to contend with was slightly windy weather blowing my brolly inside out and frizzing a strand of hair, but out here in disgustingly hot weather without my tangle teezer (epic fail) and Kerastase conditioner, it’s a whole different ball game.

I mentioned in one of my earlier posts that I’ve been co-washing/co-cleansing my hair. This is a really w@@ky way of describing skipping the shampoo step. Clearly, if you need to wash your hair daily to avoid an oil slick, you might not be enamoured with this idea. Likewise, you might just love that squeaky clean feeling of a double shampoo (like me) and the idea of skipping this step could be abhorrent to you. Have no fear, as this is such a trendy movement in beauty now (they even call it the ‘no-poo movement’), that there are cleansing conditioners (or co-cleansers) designed to ensure you are completely skipping the cleansing step whilst still bring extra conditioning. It started as a movement for curly hair, and a quick chat with my new former beauty editor friend has shed a bit of light on the science – getting natural oils through the ends of curly hair is much harder, due to both the bend and the fact that curly girls tend not to brush as much (it ruins the curl, and fluffs it up). I’m intrigued, but also don’t have access to any official co-cleansers (they don’t seem to stock them in Sri Lanka or India). I’m fact, I’m not sure if you can get them yet in the UK, I found these big brand names from the US which I think will head over to us soon……

Pantene Co Wash

L’Oreal Paris

I’ve just been winging it, using my L’Oreal Elvive conditioner (fact, L’Oreal owns Kerastase so I figure Elvive is like a diffusion line). Anyway, it seems to be ok although I’m not convinced that its locking any extra moisture in – it just seems to be layering on top of already mucky hair. I guess that’s why you need to buy the proper products. Instead I’ve switched to a different shampoo bar (Trichomania from Lush) which is the single most coconutty stuff ever (Donut and CJW would love it). On top of that, I’m using this epic stuff which I just hilariously on ebay for about 11 x the price I paid……


It’s really cheap coconut oil, which I bought in a supermarket in Sri Lanka. They have an array of hair oils, and even have a fragrance free version (I love the smell so I picked the bog standard smelly version). It has an intense coconut smell, almost like the stuff you can buy to cook with – so it’s a bit odd, and I get why you may want the fragrance free version. Also, mozzies love anything yummy smelling – so it’s not a great idea to smell of anything except citronella. Smells aside, I’m loving it, and my very dry ends are too.

L x