What She Said Podcast


What She Said Podcast: Series Three – An Update!

I’m SO sorry it’s been so darn long since my last episode! Not long to go now though as season three hits your ears on September 1st 🙂 Here’s a little of what I’ve been up to, why I decided…

S02 Episode 22: Why you should start a podcast LIVE!

Catch up with this BONUS episode I recorded live from Traverse 18 in Rotterdam where I talked about why you should all start a podcast. It’s a brilliant episode and I reveal some exciting news for What She Said fans!! Happy Season two, and I’ll see y’all in a couple of months time when S3 kicks off 🙂

S02 Episode 21: From Blogger to Freelance Journalist (with Fiona Barrows)

In this episode Fiona Barrows interviews me about the highs and lows of podcasting, why motherhood means guilt and about my new course Your First Byline (and how I got my first byline!!)

S02 Episode 20: Chatting Motherhood and Blogging with Rosie Chappel

This week on the podcast I chat with the excellent human Rosie Chappel aka Cider With Rosie. We chat about her blogging journey and how having babies can be a career drama!

S02 Episode 19: Getting Honest about Numbers with Jessica Rose Williams

This week I chat with returning guest Jessica Rose Williams all about minimalism, and how her blog is doing one year on.

S02 Episode 18: Creating a Career you Love with Hannah Bullivant

I chat to Hannah Bullivant (formerly Seeds & Stitches) all about navigating self doubt and the messiness of life to carve a soulful creative career. 

S02 Episode 17: Becoming a Full-Time Blogger with The Anna Edit

I chatted to the LOVELY Anna of The Anna Edit about how she managed her side-hustle with a full-time job when she knew it was the right time to quit and why she’s taking things back to basics with her vlog.

S02 Episode 16: How to Stay Sane Online with Sas Petherick

In this episode I chat with self-doubt expert Sas Petherick and we discuss something that I’m more than a little preoccupied with – feedback. Good, bad……we are all bombarded with it and especially so when you’ve chosen a life and career online. 

S02 Episode 15: When ‘Winging it’ Works with Kate of A Playful Day

I chat with Kate of A Playful Day about the strange twists and turns our careers can take and how staying playful is important in this crazy online world we are all in.

S02 Episode 14: Instagram Photoshopping & Travel with The Slow Traveler

This week I chat with Carolyn of The Slow Traveler all about her adventurous journey from call centre to photographer and Instagrammer via the Himalayas 🙂 

S02 Episode 13: When you Lose your Blogging Mojo with A Beauty Junkie …

I chat to Jen Thorne aka A Beauty Junkie in London all about losing your blogging mojo, the ethics of brand partnerships and how to stay true to yourself in the face of comparison. 

S02 Episode 12: Manifesting Blogging Abundance With Ellie Quinn

Ellie and I had such a fun, woo-woo chat about how we’ve both seen a huge step-change in the success of our blogs since changing our mindset.

S02 Episode 11: Getting Witchy & Working in Flow with Sarah Starrs

I chat to fellow podcaster Sarah Starrs about how she’s working in flow with a tiny baby in tow!

S02 Episode 10: What Brands REALLY Want From Bloggers with Traverse

I chat to Traverse about what brands really want to see from bloggers (and why numbers aren’t the most important thing!)

S02 Episode 9: Beating Self-Doubt in Blogging with Weekend Candy

I chat to the DIVINE Claire, aka Weekend Candy, all about beating self-doubt in blogging.