Having a Baby Killed my Wanderlust

It’s funny to look back on a few short years ago when I planned my year based on where I would travel to, how long for and when. I’ve always been a travel addict, I guess because my first passport…

My Favourite Baby-Changing Bag

A review of my AMAZING (and cheap!) stylish baby change bag. With space for diapers/nappies, wet wipes and a whole load more stuff too, this has easily become my fave bit of baby kit.

How I Got My Baby to Sleep Through the Night

If you are a sleep deprived mama in need of some help, here’s everything I did to get my baby to sleep through the night (from 6-6!)

How I juggle work and motherhood

If you’re pregnant, or perhaps thinking about going back to work and feeling totally overwhelmed, this post’s for you. I share my top tips for ‘juggling’ motherhood and work and show you how I’ve managed my freelance career with a one year old baby in tow.

How I Feel About my ‘Failed’ Home Birth

Almost one year on, here’s how I feel about my failed home birth. And why I have no idea what I will do for the next one. 

Breastfeeding? Here’s how I travelled WITHOUT my baby!

So, you’re breastfeeding but you want to take a trip without your baby. What the hell do you do?! Here, I share my top tips for managing bulging boobies without a breastfeeding baby in tow! 

How to Make Travelling with Kids Less Stressful

My top tips to make travelling with kids much less stressful.

The Mama Diaries: My Favourite Newborn Baby Carriers

If you’ve read my post about my, somewhat ambitious, plans to travel with Anaïs, or my article in Mother & Baby you’ll know a little about my feelings on baby carriers. I’ll tell you the truth: until recently, I HATED…

My Top Tips for Taking Your Baby to a Festival

Before I went to a festival with my newborn, I scoured the internet for examples of people who’d done the same. I found one website dedicated to kid-friendly festivals and not much else. Which is as good a reason as…

The Mama Diaries: Breastfeeding Tips & Tricks (From Someone Who HATED It!)

You know that time I absolutely HATED breastfeeding? Remember that? Yeah, me too. If you don’t then you can read all about it right here. Because naturally, I wrote about it. The thing is, I don’t love it now. I…

Travel Packing: A Festival Packing List (With a Newborn!)

Woop! It’s the return of the packing list post. It’s been so damn long since I wrote a travel post I’d almost forgotten how. I know that sounds strange, but travel hasn’t been part of my life for most of…

The Mama Diaries: How I Feel About My Post-Baby Body

I guess I should use the correct terminology which I believe is ‘postpartum’, but I hate that term. It’s weird. Anyway, wording aside, here we are finally chatting to each other.  It’s been about a month since I last posted…

The Mama Diaries: 10 Things I’ve Learned About Newborn Babies

Before I had a baby, I knew nothing about babies. Seriously, near to zilch. I’d never changed a nappy, which always amuses people because I have a five-year old nephew so I guess I should have done by now?! Well,…

The Mama Diaries: Six Thoughts On Baby Carriers

Babywearing, aka wearing your baby on your front or back like a backpack, is something I really wanted to love. It seems so flipping easy, much more so than lugging my pram bit by bit down a flight of stairs…

The Mama Diaries: A Few Thoughts On Routines

If you’ve come to this post hoping I have a brilliant set of tips for you on how to care for your baby with some amazing routine that’ll help them sleep, eat and play like a dream — move along…