Having a Baby Killed my Wanderlust

It’s funny to look back on a few short years ago when I planned my year based on where I would travel to, how long for and when. I’ve always been a travel addict, I guess because my first passport…

Why I Left London and Moved to Brighton

Why I decided to leave London after almost 15 years there and up sticks to Brighton instead. And why that’s the best decision I’ve ever made!

A Dreamy Stay at the Citizen M Hotel, Rotterdam

Oh hey you, I wrote a hotel review! Here are my thoughts on the seriously dreamy Citizen M hotel in Rotterdam, where I stayed recently (paid for myself, and LOVED!) and why I think you should make it the base for your next city-break too.

Breastfeeding? Here’s how I travelled WITHOUT my baby!

So, you’re breastfeeding but you want to take a trip without your baby. What the hell do you do?! Here, I share my top tips for managing bulging boobies without a breastfeeding baby in tow! 

Carry-on travel essentials for a long flight

My best carry-on essentials for long flights, from the practical to the just-for-fun-yes-I’m-wearing-a-face-mask 🙂

My Travel Confessions

Hi, I’m Lucy and I have a few travel confessions to share.

Vegan Travel Destinations I Want to Visit This Year

The BEST vegan travel destinations to visit this year!

Travel Packing: What to Pack for a STYLISH City Break in Paris (…

A stylish travel packing list for Paris in the autumn (with a baby!)

The best things to do in Wakayama, Japan

I recently took a whirlwind trip to Japan, a country I’ve never visited before but always been curious about. You’d think I would have made it over when I was living in South East Asia, but nope, apparently, we consistently…

A Baby Friendly Holiday by the Sea

So, travelling with a newborn eh – I haven’t been doing much of that, despite my BIG plans while I was pregnant. Who knew that getting out of the house would actually be a little bit harder than expected, and…

What to wear in India

The first thing I thought after booking my ticket to India, was this: What do I wear????? I know that’s stereotypically and perhaps a little culturally ignorant but it’s the truth. I suddenly became catatonic with fear at what the…

A Two Week Itinerary for Thailand

One of my favourite type of posts to write (and apparently Google’s to rank) is the classic itinerary post. So you’ll forgive my horror surprise upon discovering I’ve written TWO. Only two itinerary posts!! Needless to say, I’m outraged at…

My Top Tips for Taking Your Baby to a Festival

Before I went to a festival with my newborn, I scoured the internet for examples of people who’d done the same. I found one website dedicated to kid-friendly festivals and not much else. Which is as good a reason as…

Travel Packing: A Festival Packing List (With a Newborn!)

Woop! It’s the return of the packing list post. It’s been so damn long since I wrote a travel post I’d almost forgotten how. I know that sounds strange, but travel hasn’t been part of my life for most of…

Because Travel isn’t Always Fun

I’m not in love with the title of this post, but I hit a blank on how to sum up what I’m trying to say here. I also *really* wanted to do a top ten style post because time. There…