Carry-on travel essentials for a long flight

Anyone who knows me knows the following statement to be true: I LOVE FLYING. It’s my favourite way to travel and I often choose it over seemingly cheaper/easier solutions. Although having said that, I’ve never flown to Paris…..interesting.

Anyway, long-haul is the crème de la crème for me. The longer the better (I genuinely looked forward to my flight home from Australia.) Every time I book flights I get a little flutter of excitement.

Why? Well, I guess the Virgo in me adores the structure and rigid organisation of the airport, the child in me adores the thrill of take-off and landing and the stressed internet-addicted blogger in me adores the unadulterated excuse to have zero contact with the outside world.

But I know I’m in the minority here. The stats tell me so and so do my friends 😉 So, this post is going to tell you exactly how you can make your long-haul flight less stressful, and dare I say it – dreamier — by packing my carry-on flight essentials.

Something you want

Sleep and relaxation……

I don’t know many people who don’t want to sleep on a flight, and I’m no exception. I’ve never found those fancy blow-up pillows to be any good, so I stick to my trusty blanket scarf. I bundle it up, pop it next to my head and snooze as best as I can.

A few other luxuries I love to take with me are my favourite essential oil (I love chamomile or lavender), my sleep mask and my favourite Nuxe face mask (yep, I’m that girl…..)  

Something you need

Hydration and health……

I have to admit I’m partial to the in-flight food and wine. But salty food and dehydrating alcohol are hella crappy for your sleep opportunities (not to mention your skin) so I always take a reusable water bottle so I don’t have to rely on those teeny-tiny plastic cups the cabin crew give you.

It’s also worth packing some painkillers in your bag, as well as something to help you cope with sickness or anxiety (if that’s something you suffer from.) I find that whatever essential oil I take is great for this too.

Something to wear

Comfy and casual……

Okay, I’m gonna tell you a secret here. I NEVER wear trainers on a plane. Know why? Because apparently that means you’ll never get upgraded. BUT I always wear comfy shoes. Whether it’s ballet pumps (yep, I still rock those) in spring or some ankle boots in winter, they’ll be easy to slip on and off and be comfy as fook too.

Light layers are also pretty key. I stick to leggings over jeans and cotton t-shirts and cashmere jumpers over shirts, or hoodies. Actually, I don’t own a hoody!

Something to read

Be it light, be it long…..

Since having a baby I have to admit that I am WAY behind on reading anything more than a tweet. My attention span is so short these days and I tend to waste my time faffing or cleaning (yuk) while Anaïs naps.

But a long-haul flight is the PERFECT time to catch up with some light reading…..ahem……or whatever feminist book I’m currently reading. And I actually think that’s what everyone should do too; take that great chunky novel you have been desperate to get stuck into, but have a couple of chill magazines too.

What are your essentials for long flights?

L x


Travel Packing: A Festival Packing List (With a Newborn!)

Travel Packing: A Festival Packing List (With a Newborn!)

Woop! It’s the return of the packing list post.

It’s been so damn long since I wrote a travel post I’d almost forgotten how. I know that sounds strange, but travel hasn’t been part of my life for most of this year (due to you know who!) so I haven’t been reading anything let alone writing it.

So it’s only fitting I ease myself back into travel writing with a good old fashioned packing list post. My favourite type of post to read AND write. Honestly! If you want to see just how much I love writing these kinda posts, head on over here to the travel packing archives 😉


Travel Packing: What to Pack for a STYLISH Winter Break in Europe

Travel Packing: What to Pack for a STYLISH Winter Break in Europe

Packing posts are my absolute FAVOURITE thing to read, and to write too. It turns out you guys love reading them as well. If you want to see any more of my packing posts, please head on over here. 

If you’ve read my packing guides before you’ll know I always start with a detailed list. If you aren’t familiar with my methods, I basically start with a massive list of what I am doing each day. Each activity could require a different outfit (one day, for example you might be walking all morning and then off to a more formal dinner) so I find it a pretty useful tool to get started.


Travel Packing: The BEST Tips for Stylish Travellers

Travel Packing: The BEST Tips for Stylish Travellers

I am a packing aficionado, okay? Or not. I mean, I definitely make mistakes when I pack — often. But I LOVE trying to pack that trip perfect case, and Imma die tryin’.

It’s funny how many of my friends, and people I meet on my travels that don’t consider themselves packing experts. Or even care if they are, to be honest. But many more people eschew the ambivalent over or under packers and bemoan their lack of finesse.


The PERFECT Female Packing List For Jordan

The PERFECT Female Packing List For Jordan

A PERFECT packing list you say? BIG CLAIMS Lucy. Well, genuinely, I actually think I smashed it on this trip. I wore every single item at least once, and I didn’t have a single tantrum about not having an appropriate outfit to wear. And this was despite the fact that our one week in Jordan was jam packed full of a plethora of activities that required different outfits.

So, how did I do it? SIMPLE, I read this post by C’est Christine and essentially copied her tips. Well, sorta. I honed the list from the mistakes she admits to making, and then did my usual packing ritual. Planned an outfit by day, according to a rough itinerary, and then tweaked, tweaked, and tweaked some more.

Where it slightly went awry was in the toiletries which I almost always get wrong. I frequently pack too much, too little or just take a bonkers mix of products. But that’s fine, as it provide us with some helpful fodder for this post, right? EXACTLY.

These are the things that I relied upon in Jordan, and the style staples you will want to take with you when you go (which you absolutely should).