Ethical Beauty: My Vegan & Cruelty-Free Favourites

Ethical Beauty: My Vegan & Cruelty-Free Favourites

It’s been a hot minute since I chatted about ethical beauty. But it’s honestly one of my favourite topics and one I am learning about CONSTANTLY. I’ve mentioned before how tricky I’ve found ‘greening’ my beauty faves but I’ll say it again, shall I?! 

It’s difficult to green my beauty faves. 

Why, you ask? Hmmm mostly because I’ve had acne (Dermatologist diagnosed) since my late twenties which GOT WORSE during pregnancy before promptly clearing up. 

This, plus my beauty knowledge (I worked in retail for years, including in premium beauty) means I’ve become pretty clued up (read: addicted) to products. Travelling for such a long time quelled that, for sure but I have to tell you my truth: 

I don’t do DIY beauty. 

And, to be totally honest, I don’t have an all-natural beauty regime either. And my reliance on certain products means I’m not sans plastique either, (yes, I have tried all the essential oils thank-you).

So, as is my way, instead of beating myself up about it and feeling ashamed of my less than eco ways I’ve decided to share what I do, and how I compensate by balancing the rest my skincare.

These are the ethical beauty brands I love to use. (None are affiliate links, some are gifted, I use them all!)

** A word on what constitutes cruelty-free. Animal testing has been banned in the EU since 2013, meaning that any product bought here in the UK is, technically, cruelty-free. HOWEVER. Brands who sell/manufacture their products in China are NEVER cruelty-free as China requires animal-testing by law. It’s also worth noting that animal-testing is not illegal in the US and Australia either so please check products made there. **

Zero waste, ethical and vegan beauty brands-1


I was kindly gifted some beautiful Myroo products a few months ago and I’ve been HOOKED on them ever since. 

The products

I LOVE oils, and use them with abandon (yep, acne sufferers don’t always have oily skin!) so I’ve been using the Skinboost facial serum , which is incredible. It smells amazing and I like to layer it under the Novage overnight moisturiser (below).

I also cleanse with the Gentle Cleansing oil using a bog-standard flannel soaked in hot water, (although it comes with a jazzy muslin cloth, which is soft on one side, exfoliating on t’other). I do NOT double cleanse by the way; which is a big no-no in skincare circles, but hey ho. I don’t. 

They also sent me their Superfood balm, which I haven’t yet because I’m finishing another balm (the Pure Potions one below!) but it smells DELICIOUS. 

Why I like them

The brand is ‘small’ and founders Rachel and Phil run it while looking after their little ones, and it grew from a need to find products that worked for the family’s sensitive skin. I LOVE the fact Rachel taught herself to make products at her kitchen table and that she’s retained the brand ethos as it’s grown.

How they tick my ethical boxes

All the products are cruelty-free, GMO and palm oil free, and TOTALLY free from known allergens (aka nuts etc) and you can make all of the products fragrance-free if you want. 

They are UK based and everything is made in Yorkshire.

Listen to founder Rachel Dunseath chat to Amy on her podcast Work Like a Mother.


This one snuck in after I read about them in Marie Claire. Branded, “Vegan & cruelty-free makeup for unicorns.”, Lime Crime are a US brand doing things a little differently.

They ship to the UK but I’m hoping to peruse their products when I next make it to London as they have a. spot in Selfridges. Top of my list is a delicious looking matte-red liquid lipstick.


The products

OBVIOUSLY, I use Soap Brows. Which is THE S@*T. Soap brows looks like solid soap in a tin, and you spritz a spoolie with some water, or the coconut mist (the latter is delicious-smelling) and set your brows as per usual. 

Like ALL good makeup techniques (baking, contouring…….), the idea came from Drag Queens who discovered that using soap to set their brows was a brilliant plan.

Why I like them

Mother and daughter team Donna and Kim founded the company, testing products in their kitchen and using their formidable skills (Donna an eco warrior, Kim a make-up artist/nurse.) to create beautiful products with a low-impact on the planet.

How they tick my ethical boxes

My products arrived in totally recyclable and. biodegradable packaging and, like Myroo, they are cruelty-free and UK based. 

Also, Donna and Kim are just really nice people. And it’s nice to be nice, you know?


The products

I use their scalp oil, which sorta makes you smell like a delicious roast dinner as it has rosemary in it. I actually use it on the ends of my hair as well, typically a few times a month and ALWAYS the night before I wash it (which happens monthly at the moment).

We also use the lavender nappy balm and I’ve found their Skin Salvation ointment a life-saver in winter. I use it on my hands, cuticles, ends of my hair, brows, and on my nose after colds. 

Why I like them

If you aren’t sensing a theme here, you should. OBVS it’s cruelty-free and made here in the UK. And the company began when founder Natalie Balmond needed to create products for her eczema prone daughter.

How they tick my ethical boxes

See above! 


The products

I was gifted a whole heap of Oriflame products fairly recently and I have to admit I was sceptical. The Swedish company uses plant-based ingredients (100% of their extracts are plant-based….whatever that means) and there’s a baffling array of brands underneath the Oriflame umbrella to choose from.

It reminds me of a Swedish Avon, so I wasn’t bowled over at first sight by the look of it all. It came packaged in plastic and isn’t the most beautiful to look at; the NoVage range, in particular, looks a little old-fashioned . 

BUT then I tried a few products. The NoVage Intense overnight mask is now one of my most favourite moisturisers ever. I basically use it as a night cream and it is incredible…..I’m not a beauty writer so I can’t properly describe the wonder of this stuff; just trust me that it will make your skin plump and delicious. 

Why I like them

I’ll be honest here and say I would buy the NovAge mask again but I wouldn’t delve into any of the other products. The Oriflame brand I’m keen to explore is EcoBeauty; which is certified Fairtrade and all came packaged in glass bottles with paper boxes. 

How they tick my ethical boxes

Oriflame products are all vegan, made with plant-based ingredients and they have a strong focus on giving back, with countless environmental initiatives abroad as well as within their company. While I found their products to be annoyingly over-packaged with a reliance on plastic I have included them in this list because they’re an example of a Global company striving to do better, putting their money where their mouth is:

“We stopped more than 96% of our manufacturing waste from going to landfills.” 


Okay, The Ordinary is problematic. Shall we talk about that for a second? The founder (and owner of Deciem) Brandon Truaxe is nuts. Also Esteé Lauder own 28% of Deciem and…..well, those guys are NOT ethical in any way, shape or form. 

So I’m gonna struggle to share how they tick my ethical boxes because, even though they’re cruelty-free, and I’m able to either reuse or recycle the packaging the truth is that I like them because the products work and are great value.

The products

That bit over, let me tell you about the products I love: 

I use Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% which has a serum-like texture daily, normally first thing before I slather my Myroo oil on top.  I don’t know what it does, but my skin has never looked better. 

I also J’ADORE my big vat of Glycolic Acid which I use after cleansing at night. It’s a 7% strength so occasionally it stings. When that happens I spritz some of my West Barn Co spritz or slap some cruelty-free water on my face 😉 


I hasten to add Lush to the mix as I don’t use any of their skincare at all because of their love for cocoa and shea butters (which makes my skin breakout!) 

However they are a GREAT company and I couldn’t leave them out. It’s one of the only places where you can get a naked (aka no packaging) cleanser, serum and you are incentivised to bring back your old face masks (5 pots = one free face mask).

The products

I’ve used and loved Fresh Farmacy cleanser before, and would recommend it, especially for travel.

And I’m hopelessly devoted to the Soak and Float shampoo bar. YES, I know …SLS. But it’s the only thing that stops the hard water from attacking my scalp, so I love it.  

Why I like them

Let me count the ways! Lush not only adhere to the policies they preach but they fight for them. Of course they are 100% cruelty-free (although not all of their products are vegan) and all of their products are upcycled as opposed to being dumped on landfill.

They also take an active stance on paying taxes in every country they operate in, and refuse to use loopholes. This shouldn’t be revolutionary but…as a self-employed person, I’ve used loopholes, so I love how Lush shout about the fact they won’t.

In general though, I just love how transparent they are. They fight the good fight, and I love that about them 🙂 

How they tick my ethical boxes

See above!

Who did I miss off the list?

L x

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My ethical beauty faves: from Myroo to The Ordinary. Read more about ethically conscious living over at my blog lucylucraft.com

Travel Beauty: Holiday Hair Removal

Travel Beauty: Holiday Hair Removal

This is one of those topics I think most readers of this blog have to deal with, yet rarely talk about. I guess it’s not so sexy right? Similarly to my post on why you need a Mooncup for travel though, it’s pretty useful to know how someone else manages it on the road.

So let’s talk about hair removal shall we? A seriously snore topic to discuss, granted. Especially when you could be talking about where you want to go, what you want to do when you get there and what clothes you’ll be wearing while you do it.

But talk about it I must because, actually, it’s one of those things we all have to deal with (unless you are hairless, or go natural — in which case I am VERY jealous) and it is infinitely useful to know what other people do about it.


My Autumn Skincare Routine (Acne, Dehydrated Skin)

My Autumn Skincare Routine (Acne, Dehydrated Skin)

I haven’t done a skincare routine post for AGES. And actually, given the claims I ‘write about beauty’ I have precious little musings on the topic of late. But my skins been going through some changes and I’m guessing yours is too. The seasons are a-changing and September is nothing if not a time for newness, so I guess you could say my skin is going back to school.


Dandruff: My Top Tips

Dandruff: My Top Tips

It’s a truly glamorous day when you realise that you have a burning desire to write about your formerly flaky dandruff ridden scalp.

But that day has come. And you, my friends, are about to discover the only thing that helped me solve my dandruff, and dismay at the fact nothing seems to solve my acne prone, dry skin (a post on that another day.)


The Beauty Essentials Everyone Should Own

The Beauty Essentials Everyone Should Own


The Makeup & Beauty Essentials Everyone Shuold Own | https://lucylucraft.com | Travel, Beauty, Lifestyle blog

The Makeup & Beauty Essentials Everyone Shuold Own | https://lucylucraft.com | Travel, Beauty, Lifestyle blog


For the longest time, I have coveted, cajoled and swooned over beauty products, carrying them in my handbag, on my desk, in secret drawers in the house…..you get the picture right? I am a beauty junkie. I spend hours in Boots swatching everything in sight, watch endless tutorials, try out new looks every day while I am sat at my desk trying to look normal while caked in ill advised matte foundation with badly contoured cheekbones. The thing is though, that’s not the only thing I’m interested in. I love travel, film, music, food, wine……my dog, home decor, fitness. The list goes on. I guess you could easily categorise me as a ‘lifestyle blogger’ but I don’t really identify as that. I love lifestyle blogs though, I just know what I want to write about and those topics aren’t that easily categorised. It’s actually easier to define what I won’t write about.

When I started this blog, I wanted it to be inclusive. I wanted women who are love travel, but hate backpacking to read it. I also want women who love backpacking, but use the wee brushes that come with their makeup palettes to like it. A resource for other women like me — who LOVE beauty, but aren’t consumed by it. I am consumed by travel though, hence why that topic ‘majors’ in my writing more heavily than beauty or style. So with that in mind, I wanted to share the beauty products I think that everyone should own, because regardless of your beauty chops.

The Makeup I Pack For Travel, Female Packing List | lucylucraft.com | travel, beauty, lifestyle blog

The Makeup I Pack For Travel, Female Packing List | lucylucraft.com | travel, beauty, lifestyle blog

One Really Good Cleanser

If you are one of those people who thinks that scrubbing your mascara off with soap, warm water and an old flannel is okay then…..you will hurt yourself with eye rolling at this statement. I LOVE a balm or oil cleanser, and use a sonic face brush once a day (either Clinique or Clarisonic). Realistically you only need one good cleanser, regardless of where on the beauty junkie scale you may find yourself. If you wear a lot of makeup, then choose a balm. If not, then still choose a balm. I promise you that it will change your life, and you’ll feel better for it.

Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm | Shu Uemura Oil | The Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil | Rodial Glamtox Cleansing Balm

A Kick Ass Lipstick

Preferable red. And if you need to know why, or think it doesn’t suit you, think again because it does. Red lipstick suits everyone. Fact. It just takes a little getting used to, but once you do get used to it (test it out at home loads first if you are super nervous) then

Lancome L’Absolu Velours – 07 | Rimmel London Moisture Renew – 510/Mayfair Red Lady | Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet – 03/Hot Pepper


I cannot tell you enough how important it is to WEAR SUNSCREEN. Even if you live somewhere that you don’t consider to be tropical enough for it, and even when you aren’t sunbathing. Even if it’s a cloudy day, and even if you are wearing a hat. Just slap it on, your future non wrinkly, non skin cancered self will thank you for it. Baz Luhrman was right, everybody needs to wear sunscreen.

Clinique Face SPF 30 | La Roche Posay Toleriane SPF 50 | Decleor Aroma Sun Expert SPF15 

Dry Shampoo

If you think this is just for greasy hair days, then you are in for a world of excitement when I tell you that IT IS NOT. Pick your jaw back up off the floor, because you can use it to build volume, add grip to make clean hair easier to work with. You know that super annoying feeling when your hair is too slippy and clean to make a good braid? Dry shampoo! You know when your hair looks flat as a pancake, because it’s so long and heavy? Dry Shampoo?

Batiste Dry Shampoo | Talcum Powder (honest!) | CoLab Dry Shampoo

Now, I know I haven’t included everything that I consider to be essential but…..baby steps right? If you’re interested — my ‘essentials list runs to about 40 productss o……yeah, lets not get into that right now, okay?!

Thanks for reading, your support means the WORLD to me. If you want more WanderLuce, pop your email address into the form below. Please also feel free to share this post with your friends! 

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Please note that this post contains affiliate links. If you book something through this link, I receive a small commission, but it won’t cost you anything extra 🙂