From the lush hills of Sri Lanka, to the colourful Holi festival in Varanasi, India with Myanmar’s friendly faces thrown in for good measure, I’ve explored much of South East Asia. Most of my travels have been in Thailand, and I’ve lived in Koh Tao and Melbourne, Australia before now but one thing is a running theme throughout: I love food, I like flashpacking and I am a BEAUTY junkie.

Getting a Good Passport Picture

Getting a Good Passport Picture

What you’ll see throughout this site, is a love for the nice things in life – not necessarily the adventurous, the budget or the bizarre. I like to be comfortable, and I love to be by the ocean. You will rarely find me hiking for days on end (it’s happened and I didn’t enjoy it) but you will often find me devouring beauty gems in a local supermarket, a street stall or even a 7-11.

Travel, Koh Lanta, Thailand

I am lucky enough to travel long term, but I don’t push long term travel on anyone and all of my trips are suitable for you workaholics out there.

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