Travel Budgeting Guide for Budapest.

A Travel Budget for Budapest.

Thanks to my amazing husband for writing this guest post for me. If you’d like to read more about our Budapest trip, head on over here.
As you know, we spent several years as “Budget Travellers” – street food, threadbare robes and the treat of a chocolate bar once every 147 days.

Budapest was different – it was our honeymoon for goodness sakes! 

And honeymoon means one thing in the new Lucraft/Sheref household – WINE! We now love Hungarian wine. And food.

Overall, we spent about £600 (not including flights) but that does include our amazing boutique hotel – Brody House. At roughly £80 a night it was well worth it, and the building is beautiful, staff friendly, and overall one of the nicest places we have ever stayed.
We had a great time drinking, eating and exploring with food coming in at about £30 per day for the two of us (not bad if you think that includes wine with dinner). Side note – Hungarians have a slightly different custom for tipping. Instead of leaving a tip on the table (considered rude in Hungary), you tell the waiter/taxi driver how much you would like to pay. For example, if you have a 7000 Forint dinner, and paying with 10000 note, you simply say that you’d like 2000 back, rather than leaving the 1000 on the table. By the way, 10% is pretty standard, and anything more is considered generous from the reactions we got.
We were lucky with the weather, and Budapest is such a beautiful city, so we didn’t use any public transport. The only money we spent on transport was on taxis to and from the airport, totalling £25.
Travel Budgeting Guide for Budapest.

Travel Budgeting Guide for Budapest.


Travel Budgeting Guide for Budapest.

Travel Budgeting Guide for Budapest.

It was quite liberating for both of us to not worry about what we were spending while we were wandering around, or picking whatever we wanted from the menu without (really) looking at the price. Even if we did look at the price, we wouldn’t really be able to work it out quickly enough (dividing by 400 is surprisingly difficult). Having said that, we weren’t going all out on these restaurants! We were deliberately picking places that we cheaper, or had traditional Hungarian food so we had the opportunity to choose whatever we wanted!
Anyway, overall, we spent what we spent, and had a great time! Budapest is definitely a wonderful place to visit for any budget.

L x

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