Throwback Thursday: Mirissa


Back when we were new to the travelling game, we stayed in Mirissa, a wonderful beach town on the southern coast if Sri Lanka. Mirissa is famous really for two things. Firstly, the lovely beach that stretches all along the town. And secondly for the wildlife that resides off the coast. Mirissa, Sri Lanka

Mirissa was the first beach on our trip, so it's fair to say that we were pretty excited for sand and maybe a bit of sea. What we were greeted with was a beautiful expanse of sand that stretches for ages towards a buddhist temple up on a hill which looks out to sea.

It was also the first opportunity we had for a bit of wildlife spotting. The southern coast of Sri Lanka has become a world-class whale spotting destination. We had the opportunity to see 4 or 5 blue whales on our trip.

Whale Watching, Sri Lanka

All in all, Mirissa had a lot of firsts. And we loved it. It was one of the places in Sri Lanka which I would definitely go back to. The people, as always in Sri Lanka, were amazingly friendly.