I ❤️ Pai, the Coolest Place in Thailand


I've wanted to come to Pai for years, since my first trip back to Thailand 6 years ago, but somehow I just never did! I always found an excuse to stay in Bangkok a little longer, or head down to an island a little sooner......Northern Thailand had just never been my cup of tea. We were totally over Chiang Mai, so instead of staying to celebrate Songkran (Thai New Year), we head to Pai on the a minivan which chugged around 762 legendary curves, arriving in magical Pai about 3 hrs later. It's quite a vomtastic ride, but we had a lovely driver and it was fine. The motion sickness tablets also helped.

When we arrived, we were rewarded with the cutest place in the world....seriously, Pai is like being in a fairy tale. Every shop and street stalk is cute, and girly -- and the word love is everywhere.

This is the local branch of Black Canyon Coffee!

Pai, Thailand

We settled into our adorable bamboo huts (Ruth found this gem for 130 baht/£2.60 a night) , rented some bikes and went straight back to town for some food.

Trying to watch MIC......

Pai, Thailand

Our bamboo huts were basic, but full of character. Pascal and his family welcomed us in, gave us free filter coffee and biscuits each morning, and were always around to chat and offer any help we needed. They weren't that basic, you know -- naturally, they had wi-fi. Although, I'm ashamed to say that I totally neglected the blog and mostly used the super fast internet speed to watch Piers Morgans Life stories on You Tube. The shame.

I don't even like coffee.....awkward

Pai Bamboo Huts, Thailand

Even better, was how far away from the 'farangs' we were. I don't mean to be a travel snob, but being so near wannabe hippies gets a bit tiring ('Yaaaa I haven't washed for like 2 weeks, and I just love drugs even though it's a totally retarded thing to do in a country where you can get the death penalty'.....and we were much happier out of the way, a scenic 15 min ride from the action. Despite the fact our next door neighbours were elephants (can you imagine my excitement at this!!) -- we had the most peaceful sleep each night.

Oh haaai there

20140416-100900.jpgSongkran Elephants, Pai Bamboo Huts, Thailand

We didn't really do anything in Pai, and we didn't feel too guilty about it. Songkran had started, and whilst quiet -- it meant dodging buckets of water whilst on a motorbike...eek. So we enjoyed our own water festival at this lovely pool, next to the hot springs (which FYI are seriously hot).


Aaaaaand Action, Songkran, Pai, Thailand

We also ate pretty well most days sampling the local (and farang) food -- aka delicious actual venison burgers, as well as eating our way through the street stalls each night. My fave -- 50p Spring rolls. Yum.

Girlfriend may look sweet, but she cooks a mean spring roll

Walking Street, Pai, Thailand

There are other things to do in Pai, such as the hot springs right next door to us, circus school, waterfalls etc etc but due to the nuisance that is Songkran (pretty dangerous/annoying riding around whilst dodging water) and the fact we were super blissed out in bamboo huts -- meant that we mostly just enjoyed the brilliant, girly, pun-tastic value of the place. Oh, and one messy night out (natch) at an open mic night...

Pai, Thailand

Love Strawberry Pai, Thailand

Love Strawberry Pai, Thailand

Bitches -- a fab bar!

Bitches Bar, Pai, Thailand

Bitches Bar, Pai, Thailand

Go to Pai, you will love it.

L x