A Skincare Spring Clean with Clinique


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Happy Monday!

I don't know about you, but transitional months are my absolute fave. I love the cathartic process of cleaning out your clothes, makeup and general flat paraphernalia and making way for brand new things. LOVE IT. Because we don't have a huge amount of space in our tiny little London flat, and have been living out of a backpack for a few years, our wardrobes are fairly small. So essentially, I have a I've been using the capsule wardrobe formula by accident, and it's been 100% a-okay. I have shopped, obvs, but instead of losing several hours to an ASOS browse session, I just search for specific items. Things that I already know I need, and have a few outfits in mind for ahead of buying. A black jersey pencil skirt for example, or grey trainers......literally that specific. I am not that specific with my skincare, but I do like to mix it up each season and review my stash. A skincare spring clean, if you like.....

When it comes to skincare, I am less capsule. A lot less capsule indeed. My skincare philosophy has been in the past to simply throw everything on and see what sticks. Throwing product at the problem, if you will. But in recent years, I've honed, tweaked and generally paid a lot more attention to how my skin reacts to each and every product I try. I am very lucky to be sent products occasionally, not all of which make it into the blog. Some stick around though, and when a lovely Clinique bag turned up, I pretty much knew it would be a keeper. I love Clinique, and have had a pretty solid relationship with a few key products for years now. Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm is the best balm cleanser I've tried. Moisture Surge Intense rarely leaves my bathroom shelf, and both have been repurchased multiple times. The famous 3-Step however, well that's a little trickier. I have used it in the past, but it's never made me swoon the way other skincare products do. If you don't know what it is, let me break down the simplicity of the routine. Cleanse, Tone, Moisturise. That's it. The eighties mantra, the one product-phobes scoff at, and the one that you eventually realise is a bloody great formula for glowing skin. But, and this is a big But (insert obvious joke about my big 'but' here)......3 step just isn't sexy. If you aren't a beauty junkie then describing skincare products as sexy might make you grimace, but bear with me. There are SO many swoon-worthy products out there, that to be restricted to Clinique's uniform bottles, clean lines, and fragrance free formula can feel just a little.....uninspiring.

But I do love the new formula of DDML+ which includes my all time favourite skincare ingredient, hyaluronic acid, and I am also pretty partial to a decent exfoliating toner too so the Clarifying Lotion in its unmistakeable blue bottle was inviting. The liquid facial soap however....well, we'll see about that. It's in situ in my bathroom ready to be trialled, but with a little reticence. What I am pretty excited about, is the Purifying Sonic Facial Brush. I have been a fan of the amazing Magnitone brush since it was sent to me about six months ago, and I am very interested to see the difference with the Clinique one. As far as I can see, Clinique's is a little more simple (although the Magnitone is hardly complex) and feels a little lighter, more compact -- so better for travel. Price wise, Clinique's is about £15 more expensive also.

Skincare Spring Clean Clinique, skin care,skincare, face http://wanderluce.com

Skincare Spring Clean Clinique, skin care,skincare, face http://wanderluce.com

Skincare Spring Clean Clinique, skin care,skincare, face http://wanderluce.com

Skincare Spring Clean Clinique, skin care,skincare, face http://wanderluce.com

What's on your Spring Skincare wish list?

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