Skincare Woes: My Face is Hungover

I may or may not have drunk too much last night......and as such, my face is puffy and gross and I have a lunch date! Urgh. No bother, I'm gonna hit up some of my fave beauty products to ensue my lunch date can keep her food down...... 20140807-104647-38807525.jpg

Scrub scrub scrub.....

Maybe it's a weird self-flagellation thing but a hangover means one thing to me -- exfoliation! I love nothing more than giving my skin an extra deep clean on drowsy days but can't bear a 'scrubby scrub' -- the kind where you feel a bit like the tail end of a Brillo pad. I love Estée Lauder Perfectly Clean Multi Action Gelee (as you can see!) for its gentle scrubbiness. Clinique Rinse Off Foaming Cleanser is also amazing, although not a's very deep cleaning.

Get Your Mask On

Then it's time for a mask. I'm a big fan of The Body Shop masks, in particular he Tea Tree and Vitamin E masks.


Lastly, I'm not a huge fan of slathering too many lotions and potions on my face (sensitive and combination skin people!) so I'm keeping it simple with a spritz of Avene Thermal Water and some Vichy Idealia Life Serum (pink, illuminating dreaminess).

Et voila, I look a bit human now.

L x