Origins Out Of Trouble: The Best Face Mask for Stressed Out Skin

  Origins Out of Trouble Face Mask, Skincare, Acne | | Travel, Beauty, Lifestyle blog.

As I write this the sun is shining in London, and I'm envisaging myself as a tanned, dewy skinned bronze goddess. Then I look in the mirror and the pasty, spotty, sallow old lady staring back at me appears to be giving me the stink eye. Oh wait, that's me! Help.

I love a face mask, and I don't really understand why people don't use them. Even men! Mr WanderLuce is secretly quite partial to this particular face mask -- something about how manly it smells......*raises eyebrow*......anyhoo, that was supposed to be secret, woops. I have about 8 face masks knocking around the flat, and a couple of them are by Lush (you know I am a secret teenage Lushie) but if I am completely honest, I have not been totally bowled over by either of them (Cosmetic Catastrophe and Brazened Honey). There's also something truly disconcerting about opening your fridge to find out of date pots of face mask staring back at you, a mere month after you bought them.

Before the wedding, I got quite serious about my skincare. I didn't pick, poke or squeeze any spots and I even visited a Dermatologist. I used my Magnitone cleanisng brush religiously and applied a weekly face mask, to address specific concerns on my skin. After the wedding though, I felt that was all a little too high maintenance and slipped back into my old routine which is still pretty good (cleanse, acid tone, serum, moisturiser) but the weekly masks have gone awry a little. Until last week when my old friend Acne reminded me that I have crap skin and that it needs some love. Out the trusty Origins Out of Trouble plus Maskimiser comes, and on my face it goes. And breathe.

Origins Out of Trouble Face Mask, Skincare, Acne | | Travel, Beauty, Lifestyle blog.

Origins Out of Trouble Face Mask, Skincare, Acne | | Travel, Beauty, Lifestyle blog.



Nothing soothes my skin, calms angry red spots and prevents new ones coming to the surface like this mask.  The pre mask spray (the Maskimiser) also feels like it's doing something, and having used the mask solo -- I can tell you that it does indeed seem to speed up the healing process. It's sort of like a primer for your mask, and I have also used it with other masks too -- to maximise the benefits. I may have been won over by marketing jargon, but I like the pairing -- gimmicky or not.

The scent of Out of Trouble is sort of clean, eucalyptus-y and minty. Also, a touch sulfuric...but not in the 'jesus who is cooking eggs' kind of way, just.....earthy. I like that, and I suspect it's why Oli finds it an acceptable face mask to use but if you are someone who likes a floral, or more 'pretty' scent -- this ain't for you. Luckily whilst, I too am that girl, I like having nice skin more than I like having a nice smell. This mask does what it says on the tin, a bonus in my book.

Have you used this product? What did you think? Tell me your fave face masks in the comments.

L x  

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