Exciting News! New Lush Suncare


Now you all know I loves me some Lush! I LOVE LUSH and I don't care......I can hear you haters by the way, urgh it smells......it's too weird.....solid shampoo?! It's amazing. Amazing for a beauty junkie, and even more so for someone who lives out of a backpack 80% of the year (both of these are me by the way) and don't even get me started on their kick ass Ethical goodness,

There's too much to love about Lush, and I could count the ways but I won't. I just want to share that they are now making SUNCARE!

I am so sorry for the drama in this post, some of you may be offended by it.

I haven't been into the store yet to have play, but I think my absolute favourite will undoubtedly be the Sunblock WASH! You actually shower it on.......amazing.

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