J'adore......Simple Anti Blemish Moisturiser


Follow my blog with Bloglovin Ok so this week I am totally full of adoration for this amazing £4.59 moisturiser I picked up at the airport (Yep, I forgot to bring a moisturiser with me.....doh).

Simple Spotless Skin Anti Blemish Moisturiser

I haven't really used Simple before, but I wanted something cheap, light and, lets face it, new & shiny. This is it! It's got lots of fun ingredients - zinc, chamomile, aloe vera, tapioca starch (what?!) - which are all great if you, like me, are prone to breaking out on occasion.

First impressions: it's really light, almost primer like in consistency and sinks in super duper easily. It obviously has no scent (it's Simple after all), but doesn't have that dull clinical feel that some none-scented products can have at all....it almost makes me feel like it has a scent, that might just be me......

Simple Anti Blemish Moisturiser - Spotless Skin

It promises results "from day one" and to be honest, I was having a pretty good skin moment when I started using it so I can't say it's attacked any acne type issues, BUT, I can tell you that my skin is looking pretty damn good since I've started using it! If you suffer from acne, occasional breakouts or hormonal spots then I would say that this is a great budget buy for you.

What do you think? Do you have a favourite spot busting product?

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