A Fantastic Food Guide for Barcelona


Oli and I recently took a wee trip to Barcelona and stayed in an amazing little flat in El Raval (super central and walkable to La Ramblas) which we found through Airbnb. We felt super lucky to have landed such a sweet deal in a really cool area, with a ridiculous amount of eateries right on our doorstep. Whilst we LOVED exploring Barcelona's beautiful architecture, and super cool neighbourhoods -- what we really loved was, surprise surprise, the food. Truth be told, my Barcelona "research" consisted of getting my spangly new Lonely Planet out and going through each neighbourhoods Eating & Drinking sections. While that was soooo much fun (not fun at all), I thought I'd share the only places yu should concern yourself with on your next trip to Barcelona. I

This really and truly is the only guide you will ever need to eating Barcelona dry (is that a phrase?).

Pollo Rico

Now, if you are here later than about 6pm (which you will be, because nobody eats dinner before 9pm in Spain) you might be a bit distracted by the colourful, ahem, lady workers that decorate the streets. Have no fear at all, because this kinda trashy looking restaurant is a dream. Sit yourself at the bar with the gruff ¢4 or do what I did and get a plate of sardines, salad with a glass of wine and the best creme brulee I've ever eaten for ¢7! That's about £6 right? Insanely good food, friendly service and cheap prices. What's not to love?

Sardines and Salad, Pollo Rico, Barcelona

Carrer de Sant Pau, 31, 08001 Barcelona

La Granja 

This place is super cute, and looks like a weird little hole in the wall but in true Barcelona style -- it serves dreamy food and drink. We plumped for a plate of piping hot, crispy churros and a couple of fantasticly more-ish cappucinos (I never used to like coffee!). The service is kinda clunky and slow, but it is a gorgeous place to linger over a cuppa with your book/laptop/boyfriend!

Churros, La Granja, Barcelona

Carrer Banys Nous, 4, 08002 Barcelona

La Boqueria

La Boqueria

La Boqueria is Barcelona's premier food market. Think Borough market but less hectic and with more squid:) If you find a restaurant with amazing food, chances are that it's come from La Boqueria. If, like us, you are self catering, this is a great and inexpensive way to pick up some food, but it's also an amazing place to get some lunch.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries, La Boqueria

Rambla, 91, 08002 Barcelona 


There's a couple of places that are really highly rated at the front of the market, but at the back, past the fishy goodness, is a small unassuming little pizza stand called Eslice. There's nowhere to sit, but it doesn't matter because you will smash your pizza down in about 2 minutes. It's great value at about ¢4 a slice and the variety is great too. Gotta love pizza......

Oli tucks into Eslice of Pizza, La Boqueria

Within La Boqueria


The other place to note, is a crazy bustling stand called Organic. What caught my attention first, is the sign: Organic is Orgasmic, and the second was how big the queue was. We took the plunge and ended up with the most incredibly large, delicious and flavour packed cartons of dreaminess. I had paella with all of the salads you can imagine thrown in there too, and Oli went for the Pitta & Falafel option (with yet more salad!). It's not cheap (¢10 each) but honestly, we didn't need to eat again that day! Plus, you get a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice thrown in.

Organic, La Boqueria

Within La Boqueria

Vaso De Oro

Now, as a rule, anything by the beach is usually pretty low on my list of places to eat. The food is often mediocre and the prices high so when we were blissing out with our books in Barceloneta, we went off piste and delved into the side streets in search of sustenance. We were rewarded with Vaso De Oro which let me tell you, is insanely popular. So popular, that when we found a little spot to park ourselves with only one chair, we took it. My gentleman of a boyfriend let me take it, but happily we got another seat about 20 minutes later. The waiters are dressed like hotel porters, and manage the crowded restaurant with aplomb. We ordered Potatoes with a Spicy Sauce and Aioli, Spicy Tuna which came with two slices of fried toast (YUM) and.....Black Pudding. I love black pudding with a passion, and I'm pretty picky about how it's served and spiced. Vaso De Oro ticked all boxes, the portions were huge, the black pudding spicy and we got free bread. Not bad for less than ¢15.

Vaso Del Oro Spicy Tuna

Vaso Del Oro, Barceloneta, Barcelona

Calle de Balboa, 6, 08003 Barcelona


Lastly, but most certainly not leastly are three more AMAZING finds in El Raval. Elisabets where the food is plentiful, insanely yummers and served with a side of grumpy. But seriously, this place is a dream. Just don't ask too many questions and try to speak your best Spanish......

Black Pudding and Cava, Elisabets, Barcelona

Carrer d'Elisabets, 2, 08001 Barcelona


Venus was a place we kept going back to. The food is delicious and cheap at any time of the day but our absolute fave things were the Olives. Not just any olives, these tasted like.....I dunno, olives. Just really delicious olives!

Olives from Venus, Barcelona

Carrer d'Avinyó, 25, 08002 Barcelona

La Plata

This is potentially my favourite place in Barcelona. It's a totally traditional bar, where you get a plate of tapas every time you order a drink....we had several of both.

La Plata, Barcelona

Carrer de la Mercè, 28, 08002 Barcelona

Have you been to Barcelona? What are your favourite places to eat there, or in fact, anywhere?!

L x