An Extra Step in My Skincare Routine


As a rule, I tend to avoid adding extra things to do in the bathroom to my list but after having almost 9 months of crappy skincare habits I thought I was ready to add a few extras into my skincare routine. A facial oil. Now, as a combination former adult acne kinda gal I normally run a mile from too many oils/serums on my skin, often sticking to a moisturiser in the morning and good old ANR at night but something hasn't felt quite right, so I've consulted the goddess of skincare: Caroline Hirons and she has spoken.........a facial oil is needed. I've already talked about the amazing Sephora Miscellar Water in a previous post, as well as a few cleansing treats I enjoy regularly in this post here but I have been feeling like it's time for a proper facial oil for a while now. I plumped (a good word because that's exactly what it does to my skin!) for the Julie Hewett Organic Camellia Oil, from Cult Beauty, for a few different reasons. Namely, the 100% Organic tag, which means that my skin will undoubtedly love it, and the oils particular USP; fighting sunburn before it happens (which it NEVER should by the way). As I'm a Thailand regular, and love me some sun worshipping -- I've been aiming to try things that will work outside of the UK.

Julie Hewett Camellia Facial Oil

Having a multi tasking product like this in your skincare arsenal means that you never have to do the annoying switcheroo when it's time to pack -- something that I personally absolutely hate, because you always end up either taking the wrong product or forgetting your most important one.

Julie Hewett Camellia Facial Oil Pipette Dropper

Julie Hewett Camellia Oil is available from Cult Beauty for £36. 

What do you think? Do you need to add more things to your cleansing routine or do you just like to wash and go? 

L x