Coming Home to London - Part One

Post Wedding, we were itching to get our teeth back into London life. We started our expedition, with a stay at Casa Emily, my BFF's place in Finsbury Park....which FYI, we love now. It's awesome, and I don't know how I haven't explored this area in the 13 years  (say whaaaaat) I've been a London dweller. We then had a very happy reunion with our own abode over in West London which is, for you haters out there, is choice. Our first night back activites? Watching Sky+ and eating banana & peanut butter bagels on our sofa, by ourselves......bliss.

Yummy gluten free brunch, bananas & peanut butter on a gluten free bagel.

One of the reasons we love this area, is the pubs which are always gastro and often with a beer garden. We perused all of our favourites (Andover Arms, Anglesea Arms, Thatched House) and discovered the latter was no more.....The Thatched House is now The Butchers Hook, which is on our list for a visit soon.

Anglesea Arms Pub, Hammersmith, London

Obviously, we are still on a budget -- so luckily we both have some amazingly understanding friends who were happy to trek out to W6 and partake in my cooking. Special mention to Hannah and Jess who even ate my homemade Fiorentina pizzas without complaining, hearting you both a lot for that!

Loaaaaadsa Red Wine....keeping our budget tight:)

Obviously, whilst we were LOVING hanging out in our flat, and having the opportunity to do all the fun things we haven't done for a long time (using an actual washing machine, cooking, watching TV), we were keen to get our teeth into a few old haunts. I had massive Meat Liquor and Gordon's cravings, BUT, being still being on a massively tight budget we really had to limit ourselves to one treat. Enter Yalla Yalla.

Beirut Street Food at Yalla Yalla, Soho, London.

It was twice in a week for my petite friend Hannah as we ventured to Soho and onto some fantastic and affordable Beirut street food at Yalla Yalla. We also got a chance to giggle like school kids at the colourful sex shops. Man, I never get tired of these.....

Sex Shop, Soho, London

Lastly but most definitely not leastly, we introduced our favourite hipster Emma to the Anthem of East London -- Being a Dickhead's Cool. It was a good moment.

Being a Dickhead's Cool!