Alternative London: Billingsgate Fish Market!


It seems like an awfully long time ago now that we had the opportunity to visit Billingsgate Fish Market, but I guess that's partly due to the fact that we had to be there at 6am or some other hour of the morning that neither Lucy or I are used to anymore! Billingsgate Fish Market Cookery School Champagne and Smoked Salmon Blinis

Billingsgate is the premier fish market in all the land, and as such sells some of the most amazing (and weird) looking fish to come out of the sea.

Anyway, the reason we actually went was that Billingsgate have launched their new Festive Breakfasts in time for Christmas. We were invited along by the lovely Spider PR to have a little butchers around the place and to taste some delicious treats afterwards!

Needless to say, neither the food or the tour of the market disappointed, and both were great fun. Our guide around the market was the passionate and funny Barry O'Toole. Fun Fact from Barry; There are over 1500 items to buy on the market, ranging from mere pennies, all the way to thousands of pounds for the best Caviar you can buy.

Have a look at our video tour here;

If you want to have the same trip have a look here; Festive Breakfast at Billingsgate Fish Market

Thanks to Billingsgate Fish Market and Spider PR for our lovely complimentary tour.