A Travel Beauty Packing List


A Travel Beauty Packing List

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I travel quite a lot. The flights I've taken are in double digits this year and I'm not too far away from getting access to a British Airways Lounge. I don't say this to brag, honestly, I say it to put into context the ridiculousness of this next statement.....

I am crap at packing.

Seriously, I'm completely inept, and on each trip I take, I forget yet another vital piece of my beauty arsenal. I think I get a bit overexcited, and dig out all those exciting, but oft used, slightly dusty miniatures, lotions and potions. Not a recipe for a useful toiletry bag. I really try to remember the mantra of 'just bring what you actually use'.

C'est La Vie. This is what I brought with me to my most recent trip to Bergerac & Barcelona.

Miscelllar Water, Cetaphil Cleanser, Simple Moisturiser, Decleor Serum, Clinique Eye Serum,La Roche Posay Effaclar AI

In the Shower 

A very mini shower gel. I will probably just make my shampoo work a bit harder and multi task as a shower gel.

A lovely looking little L'Occitane miniature body moisturiser I got in a gift box for Xmas (God knows which Xmas). The packaging is seriously lovely, and the smell is divine...BUT it's not hugely moisturising and I probably should have brought one of my Body Shop mini Body Butters instead.

My trusty Lush Solid Shampoo (I normally use Ultimate Shine but that has been discontinued, sob). This is the one product I always get right......it's a dream for travelling and I couldn't live without it. They also do a solid conditioner but I have about 20 stone of hair on my head so it just doesn't cut it. I didn't bring any conditioner, because of my aforementioned bad packing skills but I did remember to bring my cheapo Boots Coconut Leave in Conditioner that I grabbed in Bangkok. It's not something I would re-purchase but I do need to address my haircare situation for my next trip so any suggestions are much appreciated!

I also brought a Body Scrub Glove (just one in case I lost it, which I did!) and some disposable Razors. I do only tend to use disposable razors nowadays, but it's not the greatest habit to get into as you just burn through them so quickly. Especially when you are a hairy mary like me.


I picked up some fab Miscellar Water in Sephora, purely based on the amazing pump action top. I am definitely keeping this bottle after I run out and filling it up with whatever I use next.

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser is a product I've recently purchased after wanting for a while and it hasn't disappointed. It feels creamy, and doesn't foam unless you out it on dry -- which always makes me feel a bit nervous that it isn't cleaning enough, particularly as I typically love that tight face soapy clean (gross I know!). But it's amazing and my skin has never looked better! Two further benefits -- it's cheap, and it has a pump. Winner. Also, Alexa Chung uses it too.....

Decleor Aromessance Solaire Tan Activator is one you are supposed to use in the run up to a holiday but I find it pretty dreamy to slot into the oil/serum slot. A few drops go a long way, and it's one of the nicest scents around.

I forgot my moisturiser. WTF, who am I?! Anyway, this is just a lovely excuse for a new one so I plumped for the Simple Anti Blemish (with Zinc wahoo!). It's a lovely fresh texture (does that make sense?!) and feels really light on my skin -- but leaves it totally nourished. A winner in my eyes.

I'm loving my Clinique All About Eyes Serum at the mo for it's cooling comforting action. It was amazing for all of those hangovers in Barcelona.......

La Roche Posay Effaclar A.I Targeted Breakout Corrector - for any breakouts. I kind of always have this with me now, because even though you may not feel like it's doing anything (because of the lotiony texture) it works. I am moving on from my old technique for spots which was to attack it with harsh astringents.

What do you think of my choices? What's your travel packing must haves?

Come back next week for Part 2 when I'll be letting you snoop in my make up bag!

L x

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