Are You Making These Social Media Mistakes?

Social Media is a minefield, and yet one all modern business need to embrace. It's marketing, but not as we know it. Blink, and you will miss the latest change and be on the badly-received end of an updated algorithm or two.

As a person, the only social media I have ever embraced is Instagram. As a blogger, I have had to embrace them all.

Learning how to conduct myself on social media, how to optimise and utilise the trickery that gets you a gazillion followers and counting is no mean feat. I'm not going to lie to you and tell you that my road to success was paved with gold. My road to success hasn't even finished yet, and I certainly don't consider myself an expert in the field........but as a bonafide freelance Social Media Manager and full time blogger, I know a few tricks.

I also know a few #fails when I see them. I see them on a semi-regular basis (ahem, including my own) and more often than not, it's by someone who should know better -- someone who is already successful. If these people can make silly little errors in their social media strategy, then what hope is there for the rest of us.

Well, actually, there's a bunch of hope. The hope runneth wild. Just make sure that you aren't making these social media mistakes, go forth and prosper.....

Mistake #1

Overuse of Hashtags | Aaaaagh this one gets my goat so much. Proper use of hashtags can yield incredible results on social media, however, there are a few rules to remember. Not all Social Media was created equally, and in this, you should be wary. Use hashtags with abandon on Twitter, but don't bother on Facebook.....and use them strategically on Instagram (pop your hashtags in a seperate comment to your caption a few days later to refresh yout post).

Remember that a hashtag is just a keyword and a way to find something. So.....#epicfail isn't actually aproppriate at all, although naturally, incredibly #jokes.


Mistake #2

Mis-use of Social Buttons | If I had a penny for every time I tried to tweet an amazing blog post I had just read only to exclaim "where is the bloody share button!!!!", I would be......well, I would definitely have enough to buy myself a Twirl in the nineties (they were cheap then!). I find this so frustrating. Attention spans are short, so why waste any of your readers valuable time sending them crazy trying to find a button to share your content. They are doing you a favour by the way.....make it easy on them!


Mistake #3 

Not Adding Your SM Handles | Let's just assume that you have social media handles (aka usernames), otherwise this chiding from me is relatively pointless. So you have gorgeous handles, all artfully matched across the gamut and you have even installed some beautiful, big sharing buttons so it's super easy to tweet your stuff. Have you done that yet? I mean, have you tested your own share buttons yet? I didn't think so. Most share buttons come with a default, which looks something like this....Lovely Blog Post via @addtoany. 

But where is your lovely social media handle? Oh, you didn't add it. You would be surprised at how many people forget this step, and it drives me insane. All those lovely engaged readers keen to share your content with the world, crediting you....and you forgot to check in with your share button plugins settings and just add your handle. While you're at it, change the format if you fancy. This is what mine looks like:

Social Media Add to Any Share Buttons
Social Media Add to Any Share Buttons

Mistake #4

Inconsistent Posting | This is a tricky one, especially if you have a full time job and blog part time but I would encourage you to post regularly -- even if that means that you aren't posting as much. Consistency is key to keeping an engaged audience (alongside fab content, obvs) and it is a total waste of your time to share 20 links on Facebook a couple of times a week. Utilise the many free scheduling tools on the market and get a stack of SM posts in the bag. You can spend hours on social media, but with these types of tools - you really streamline your schedule (sorry, overuse of the word schedule!).

Mistake #5

Not Using Bespoke Content | It is easy to post the same sh@te across all of your social media platforms, in the hope that you'll save time, but all that will do is harm your message. What works for one, won't necessarily work for another so take a bit of time and try to understand the differences. Utilise all of the amazing free analytics each social media platform offers, check out their FAQ's and make sure all of your photo's are optimally sized. It will take time, and I personally check my own profiles weekly to make any micro changes regularly.


Have you been making any of these Social Media mistakes? 

L x