Beyond the Temples in Siem Reap

Beyond the Temples in Siem Reap

Let’s face it, the main, and more than often sole reason for visiting the Cambodian city of Siem Reap, is to see the beautiful temples of Angkor. However that’s not the only thing Siem Reap has to offer. I researched for hours before we got to Siem Reap, determined not to ignore the city’s other sights. I hand picked a few interesting little extras and read a fair few blogs about Siem Reap too.

But. But but but but it was hot, really really hot. And honestly, it’s tiring deciding what way you are going to visit Angkor (read Oli’s post about it here). And once you’ve chosen your perfect tour, it will more than likely include a 4am wake up call to catch the sunrise. We spent a full 11 hours touring the temples and were in no mood to see anything else afterwards. We did however, have a few drinks…….

Picasso bar, Siem Reap, Cambodia.


So this post is a bit of a con really, as whilst Siem offers more sightseeing than Angkor Wat, we did not get beyond the magnificent bas reliefs (seriously, what are these?) to see anything else.

Still reading? Good. You will be rewarded with some of my favourite bloggers, bloggers who dared to plunge the hidden depths of Siem Reap and who have lived to blog the tale. Enjoy.

1) Never Ending Voyage — damn these annoyingly active people.

2) We actually did one of the things on Nomadic Matt’s list — the Landmine museum.

3) Alex Baackes aka Alex in Wanderland is my girl crush, and her blog is pretty much my bible.

4) Another of my favourite bloggers, Adventurous Kate hasn’t so much written about stuff to do in Siem Reap — but it’s a really funny post. Read it!

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