I have a new obsession, and it annoys the hell out of most of my friends. 

It’s Snapchat! I used to think it was just for creepy pictures and stalking, but I was reassured by several bloggers that it’s totally safe and actually pretty awesome. So I joined, and have never looked back. It’s definitely my go-to procrastination aider and, unlike other forms of social media, it doesn’t make me feel worse about myself afterwards. I hate Facebook, but have to use it for my job so….it’s a necessary evil. Twitter’s cool too, but it doesn’t really grind my gears the way Snapchat does, and i struggle to fit in everything I wanna say in 140 characters. Also hashtags URGH. I think that my love for Snapchat is something to do with being able to doodle, use bonkers filters and record yourself, safe in the knowledge that in 24 hours the evidence is gone, and you can start afresh.

I meet lots of people who don’t use Snapchat, and like any good social media pusher, I extoll the virtues of it and bully them into joining. Mostly, they never look back. Mr WanderLuce is still abstaining but, he won’t be able to resist for much longer!

So, in no particular order, here are my favourite people to follow on Snapchat.

The Hostel Girl

5 people to follow on snapchat, hostel girl, Snapchat | https://lucylucraft.com

Snapchat: TheHostelGirl

I LOVE Katie’s account so much. As the name suggests, she is all about the hostel life which obviously, I’m not really into anymore…..but her Snaps are so creative and interesting, even when she’s just chilling at home. She uses the ‘story’ better than anyone else I’ve seen and watching her snaps are a little like watching short films. She also always follows her followers back, which is an added bonus if you, like me, have about 20 followers 😉

Adventurous Kate

5 people to follow on snapchat, adventurous kate, Snapchat | https://lucylucraft.com

Snapchat: adventurouskate

I have to be honest with you, I follow Adventurous Kate in a sort of voyeuristic way. She is a total introvert, but on Snapchat she transforms into the host of her own show and I can’t stop watching. She recently got hammered and snapped, which was the highlight of my week……never have I lolled so much over someone trying to say ‘Hamilton’.

Lonely Planet

This is the official Lonely Planet snapchat account and  obvs, there is a LOT of travel going on. Various writers take over and snap where they are and you get an epic insight into loads of different places.

Lonely Planet | Snapchat Snapcode | Travel Blog

Snapchat: lpsnapz

Ardent Wanderess

Anna remains my favourite Snapchat account. I actually discovered her through Instagram, before she had a blog. Based in Austria she is the cutest vegan around, and always takes gorgeous snaps of her travels, which often include hiking and food!

Eat Like A Girl

5 people to follow on snapchat, eat like a girl Snapchat | https://lucylucraft.com

Snapchat: EatLikeAGirl

As the name suggests, Niamh is a food and travel blogger. Irish born, but based in London , she makes DROOLworthy dishes and snaps them all the time. She also does a lot of chatting snaps, which I love because…well, she’s Irish, so, that accent right?! Be warned though, her snaps will make you SO hungry 🙂

She Gets Around

She Gets Around | Snapchat Snapcode | Travel bLOG

Snapchat: SheGetsAround

The Sarah Story

Sarah and I go WAY back, from budding travel bloggers to budding journalists. She is one of the funniest people I know, and her snaps document what freelance life is REALLY like. Also, she likes a cheeky bit of cake now and again 🙂

The Sarah Story | Snapchat Snapcode | Travel Blog

Snapchat: thesarahstoryNI

Find me on Snapchat!

And of course — I am on it too! If you do want to follow me on Snapchat, either find me by my username (wanderluceblog) or take a picture of the picture below and scan it on Snapchat (clever….and also a little less simple than the first option!)

WanderLuce | Snapchat Snapcode | Travel Blog

Snapchat: wanderluceblog


Do you Snapchat? If yes, share your account in the comments!

L x

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