Eekers I can’t believe it’s Sunday again, and more to the point – it’s definitely Autumn. I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure I started the week with bare legs and I’m now in my trusty tartan wool scarf (blanket).

Anyway, it’s Sunday and one thing hasn’t changed – it’s my favourite day to paint my nails. My very talented and beautiful sister Emma has her own beauty salon, so in very lucky to get free treatments when I pop down to see her. One of the things she introduced me to is white nails, which I am now totally addicted to (Oli hates them).

I don’t know what it is about white nails…I just can’t get enough of how strangely classic they are. Maybe they remind me of my first foray into the world of manicures back at school with my trusty tippex…..

Either way, I love them and they are pretty much a staple on my nails at the moment, with the only exception being my trusty mint candy apple from Essie.

This is my current white nail varnish of choice from Rimmel. Bargain.

What do you think of white nails? Love em? Hate em? Just use tippex?

L x