My Acne Skincare Arsenal

My Acne Skincare Arsenal

Happy Beauty Sunday!

The title of the post is a touch misleading as I’ve never had acne as such, but I have gone through various stages of hateful breakouts. I had clear skin as a teen, but as a 28 year old (ridiculous age to be going through puberty) it became really crappy. I started getting more than a few spots around my chin and got them everywhere — hateful angry vengeful spots. Ok, I’m dramatising it but it was worse than before and I had no idea what to do.

Enter my spot arsenal, a group of blemish busting legends that have been tried, tested, rated and gone through rigorous rounds of testing to make it to my Fabulous Six (I know, it’s not going to catch on). Enjoy.

Spot Superheroes

Spot Superheroes

Guerlain Creme Camphrea Cream

If I could only have products from one brand for the rest of my life — Guerlain would be the one. I love their makeup, fragrance and skincare. I think I may even dedicate a post to it.

This little tube is totally weird in consistency, it’s sort of like clay. I use it overnight although allegedly you can use it under makeup…..I think it’s a bit too obvious. It works to dry out the spot, which it does really well, and conceal it, which I don’t think it does, not for my olive skin anyway. It’s quite pinky toned so perhaps I’m too sallow.

It’s quite pricy (£24), but it lasts forever.

Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions

Clinique’s Anti Blemish range is a bit of a no brainer, it just works. Some people really hate how alcohol based Clinique are, and I would agree to a certain extent but you can’t argue with the results. It’s gone through a bit of a makeover this year and a new serum has been introduced which looks amazing. Worth noting that my product is obvs old packaging.

I’ve written about my love for Clinique before, particularly their foundations (anti blemish is amazing), but these 2 products are amazing. The first is the Clearing Gel which is a fairly intuitive formula, a clear gel that dries quickly and works away at your blemish with the usual suspect — salycylic acid. It’s a winner, but not my fave.

The second product is the long tube lying down — Post Blemish Formula. I’d never heard of anything like this, something that treats the blemish after it’s, you know, kind of a scab. It moisturises the area, and keeps the blemish from spreading into a new set of angry red devils (I often have this problem on my chin). It’s genuinely a game changer for me — it will change your life I promise!

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo Anti Blemish Cream

This is made to go with the Effaclar K fluid which is a great daily moisturiser if you have really naughty skin. I had both but ran out of the fluid so just use this on it’s on as a topical treatment.

Tiger Balm

This stuff is always close to hand for me. Not least because I’m often found cursing mozzies South East Asia. It gets rid of any sting from any bite, and kills spots dead. Like the Cillit Bang of the blemish world. But, it’s pretty tough on skin, so I’d recommend using it on only the most hideous spots. Oh, and only use the white tiger balm!


This world better than anything else I could ever recommend. That was a bad sentence! I use it when I can sort of tell a breakout is on it’s way, and it often stunts it. It’s also great to pop on every night whilst you are in the midst of a breakout.

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