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Many months ago, when I was gainfully employed by a great British retailer there were many meetings and summits held about my travels and how I might start a beauty blog. That was a bit of an exaggeration, but you should never let the truth get in the way of a good story. The truth being not much different, in that I work (ed) in beauty and have been surrounded by beauty jargon/products/marketing etc etc for the last couple of years and so it seemed bonkers to go cold turkey now. My boss came up with the idea of starting a beauty blog and maybe trialling a few premium bits along the way as well as testing out the local offerings. Thrilled with this idea, I declared to Oli that our travel blog would now be a Beauty blog called….’Beauty and the Beach!!!!’ (Credit to J-sco for the title). He wasn’t thrilled, to say the least. Dunno why, as he uses my premium beauty too….just saying.

Anyway, we compromised by having our travel blog as planned, but with the additional add on of sort of series of posts from us both about our two differing passions – beauty and beer. So this is technically my first one, and its more of an introduction, but I’ve noticed loads of exciting things to try out here already. I just need to liberate some cash from someone’s wallet so I can buy them;)

Advanced Night Repair via Estee Lauder Website

Advanced Night Repair via Estee Lauder Website

Advanced Night Repair! I’ve always been fairly sceptical of this product (is it a serum, is it a night cream?) so haven’t committed to using it for more than a day when I usually balk at the weird liquid gelly like texture which is a bit alien to me (I like a nice conventional serum/moisturiser/whatever it is). But, I knew I’d need something other than sun cream as my skin would undoubtedly be hag like and parched most evenings and hitting 30 has made me think about the wrinkles a lot more. Anyway, I started using it about a week before we set off, under my normal moisturiser at night – and the results weren’t miraculous or anything (Guerlain Midnight Secret it ain’t) but it has definitely improved my skin, and there hasn’t been a single break out which is always a bonus to me. But before you snore at the massively lukewarm review I’ve given, wait for the next sentence. ANR is amazing for sunburn!!! Oli burnt his neck about 2 minutes after landing, and I was delighted (sorry!) because I could finally test out those claims I’ve been hearing from Lauder marketing types for years about the legendary power against burns. Well, it only bloody works! I reckon it works better than Aloe Vera, although obviously a lot pricier. All that Hyaluronic malarkey I imagine. And my smugness at Oli’s burnt neck has been rewarded with my own devilled shoulders which will also be getting an ANR fix tonight….there will categorically be no swatches of this.

Did a little google and guess what came up……

House of Fraser Beauty Blog

Sri Lankan Ayurvedic beauty bits

We went to Koggala to visit the lake yesterday, and got no further than a herbal spice garden where we got a free tour and an explanation of all the plants and what they are used for in Ayurvedic medicine, which is a traditional medicine here in Sri Lanka. We noticed a few things that have seeped into western mainstream medicine, such as clove oil for sore teeth and ginger for sore throats but there were many more that were, well, epic. We got to a turmeric plant, and I couldn’t imagine what it would be used for….maybe a tanning cream? Well, our guide pasted what looked like moisturiser on a patch of Oli’s leg and ten minutes later washed it off to reveal smooth hairless legs (which felt wasted to be honest, my legs aren’t looking so smooth). The claim is that it lasts 2 months, if this is true – I’m buying in bulk and setting up shop back in London ! I promised I’ll monitor Oli’s leg, and let you know in due course. I’ll also get a pic (although it isn’t pretty).

One of the other things I was interested in was the sandalwood oils and blends, which I’ve since seen in supermarkets in the form of Ayurvedic beauty bars. Essentially a bar of soap. But the claims for sandalwood range from getting rid of spots, to wrinkles so it seems like one to trial soon.

L x

(Obviously, I am not the backpacking beauty)

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    16th January 2014 / 6:50 pm

    Great post! Thanks for the credit! Hope your having an amazing time xxx

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